"At first this memorial was meant to be nothing more than writing therapy at the suggestion of Miss Walsh, my agoraphobic English teacher, and the shrinks at the phobia center, but it got to be much more than that. I guess, somewhere along the line, the writing took over itself, and I was just a willing instrument."

"I don't like to be touched, much less probed by anything or anyone. Who knows? Perhaps, there's some deep, dark psychological reason for this, but I really don't think it's all that complicated. I just seem to get nervous when things or people get too close."

"That night, as I tossed and turned, I felt guilty about my thoughts. It wasn't that I wanted Jen to get really sick or anything. But I figured, if she came down with a little upset stomach, she'd have to cancel our plans, and I'd be able to buy a little time to try to figure out what was happening to

"Jen rambled on while I backed up into the elevator, watching as hordes
of people crowded into it. My heart was racing, and I wanted to scream,
but no sound came out. I felt like I was dying, and all I knew was that I
had to get out of that elevator and out of the whole department store."

"Okay, young lady, but it looks to me like she's hyperventilating. At least,
let her breathe into this paper bag," he said, grabbing a brown bag from
somewhere under the front seat. "I come prepared with these since I had a few emergencies like this over the years. New Yorkers sure seem to be nervous these days. I guess it's the way we have to live. "Terrorism, high taxes, unemployment, plutonium levels in the drinking water, nuclear reactors leaking...and let's not forget about the bomb."

"But I still believe in Christina's battle philosophy. More now that ever! I wear an invincible uniform of inner strength and faith as I reach out along the way to God and to other soldiers for sustenance. And I'm always busy studying new strategies so that I'll be ready when the enemy starts creeping up on me, and I have no recourse but to counter-attack."

Counter-Attack---positive, but always realistic; it deals with the conditions of agoraphobia and panic attacks that plague millions today.

Escape From the Maelstrom
When Karina Kikorov marries Dimitri Globenko, she learns that he is a Romanov, an estranged cousin of the Russian despot, Czar Nicholas. From then on, their lives are in jeopardy. Her husband's murder forces Karina to be on the run until friends find a new identity for her while she waits for safe passage to America. But will she find the strength to leave behind the new love she finds while in hiding, and, despite that loss, display enough strength to ensure the safety of those whom she has vowed to protect as if they were her own?

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33's Theo
When Shelly Lazar, recently widowed and deeply depressed, accepts her friend's invitation to vacation on Cape Cod one summer, neither of them has any idea of the incredible opportunities that lie ahead. An old ham radio and a code from the past lead them to possibilities, of which they once could only have dreamt. Yet, will Shelly be able to resolve the conflicts that stand, not only in the way of her own happiness, but also in that of her closest friend?

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Searching for the Sunny Side
Like the phoenix that springs new life from its own ashes, Sandra Janekowitz reinvents herself in the autumn of 1960 when she leaves her unhappy past behind and attends a teachers' college in upstate New York. But does changing her name and dating a sophisticated English professor bring her any closer to the happiness for which she has been searching? Will she learn the difference between abiding love and adolescent infatuation before it is too late, both for her and for those most important in her life?

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