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Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

     I am sorry that I haven’t wriiten a new post in several weeks.  Actually, I have been busy proofreading my latest novel, “A Step-mother’s Tale.”  Unless you’ve been a professional proofreader or have proofread your own book, you probably could not understand how tedious it is.  Unfortunately, because it takes so much time and is so stressful, it is easy to ignore punctuation errors and other kinds of typos that spell-check doesn’t find.  The result is finding more  mistakes on the proofs that the production coordinator sends you from time to time during the publishing process.  It seems as though the process never ends since it seems impossible to decipher every little error.

       In the end, I become so irritated that I become resigned to the fact that, no matter what I do, there will be an error here and there anyway.  At that point I finally leave the manuscript alone.  That is the point I am at now with “A Step-mother’s Tale” until I get the next set of proofs.

     I am concerned now with my next book, “A Time for Peace,” which is a sequel to four other books that I have written since 2006.  Writing this book requires extensive research into the settings of China and Tibet as well as into mountain climbing.  I should read at least two books on climbing Mount Everest so that, even though I myself haven’t done any mountain-climbing, at least I can bring an element of realism into my book.   What a challenge this book is going to be, but challenges can be very exciting!

     I want to mention another important point on this post.  It has to do with the gifts that God has given to each of us  and the way that we use these gifts.  One morning when I had just awakened, I started to think about problems in my life.  Of course, that is the worst way for one to arise.  We should be thinking only positive thoughts.  However, my thinking led me to the fact that God helps us to cope with our many difficulties in life by the talents, natural abilities and innate intelligence,  which he bestows upon us. 

      Being able to focus upon these gifts and allowing them to enhance our lives can result in our finding  joy in our lives and accomplishing something in which we can take pride.

    When we find our passion in life, we can confront our problems with more strength and courage because it replaces the stress and anxiety in our lives with something that engenders hope, great happiness and faith in the future.  To me, it is God’s gift of endurance.

     As we study the Bible and learn about God, we realize how much He wants each of His children to be happy.  The very abilities and talents that we were born with  often help us to find that joy.  We have only to look at the people around us to understand how human beings utilize their God-given abilities to do this.

     I see how dancing brings unimaginable joy to some individuals.  Others sing like angels.  Have you ever seen an actor who truly excels at his/her craft?  That, too, is actually amazing.  Also, when you visit a museum and see the total magnificence of a work of art, you can feel, not only your own joy, but that of the artist.

       As I write, I’m listening to the story of the inspiring surfer who lost her arm as a result of a shark attack, but has found the faith to return to her passion in life.  I am looking forward to seeing her life story in the movie that is coming out in a few weeks.

       To me, a person who loves to write, the craft has filled me with a happiness that is so great that I can’t even describe it.  Since I started writing as a young person, it has been an incredible outlet that has lessened amazingly the pressures, difficulties and the jabbing pain that life experiences sometimes inflict upon us.  It has given me something  to fill me with the beauty and strength that this life often takes away, perhaps momentarily, but enough to be very trying and intimidating.

     The urgent thing is to find your passion in life, to develop it, pursue it and immerse yourself within it so that you can become the best person you are capable of being and, in so doing,  counter-attack the negative influences that we all face.

     Enjoy your passion, and find life and strength in it.  To me, that is a wonderful way of giving back to the Creator who gave you those abilities in the first place. 

Best wishes,


Book # 13 Has Just Been Completed!

Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Dear Readers,

        Thank you for your web-mail.  I have enjoyed reading all your comments.

        I’ve sorry that I haven’t been able to post anything new in the last few weeks, but I have been completing my latest novel, A Stepmother’s Tale.  Sometimes, I feel the momentum to keep going with a project, and it’s very hard to stop at that point.

          It reminds me of  the time when, as a young girl visiting a park with a friend,  I ran down a hill and couldn’t stop running until I reached the bottom.  Fortunately, my run was broken by a lot of soft grass and other greenery.   So, in the same way, I went with the last part of my book until I finished it.  I guess it was an example of literary inertia. 

       I must say that I enjoyed bringing everything in my novel to a satisfying conclusion.   Then I worked on the preface and the dedication, along with a brief but attention-getting summary of the book for the back cover.  It felt really good to complete the project.

       Now I have quite a challenge ahead.  I am working on a sequel to a series of four novels that I have written.  It involves a considerable amount of research and then plotting and outlining.  Definitely, it requires a great deal of work all around, but it’s a challenge I’m eager to accept. 

      Years back, when I was very young, research meant endless trips to the library and hours spent reading there, taking notes and/or zeroxing.  Now, with the internet, everything is so much easier. 

       I promise to take time to post again within a week or two, even if I get involved with my work.    I remember so many times when I was a teenager and became obsessed with my writing,  that my father would have to intervene.  For example, one night after midnight when I was typing away on the old-fashioned typewriter that I had then, my father, on a trip back from the lavatory, saw the light on in my room.  As only a loving father can do, he immediately ordered me to stop typing and go to sleep. 

        Although I am a mature adult now, and no one can order me to go to sleep, I have internalized my dad’s good sense, and I know intrinsically when I’ve had enough for one day.  So at that time, when I take a break from my new project, I will very happily write a new post.

      Until then, keep healthy, happy and busy.

                                                                                          Best wishes,