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Hello again, and my very best wishes!

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

     It has been a while since I have posted, but I am happy to be writing to you now.  Like all of you, I have been very busy the last few weeks with activities of all types, but the most fun was being with family and friends. 

     I try to appreciate every day the wonderful blessings bestowed upon us by God and His Son, but sometimes, as Shakespeare once said, “the world is too much with us,” and we forget briefly how many blessings we have in our lives.  Thanksgiving should certainly be an everyday reason for meditation and acts of caring and love.

     Today was my husband’s birthday.  It was a pleasure to go out to a lovely dinner and then to see a beautiful and inspirational film, entitled Hugo.  I loved being drawn into Parisian life in the 1930’s, the precise setting being a train station, where most of the action takes place.  The cinematography is breathtaking, and the plot as well as the acting is memorable, but the inspirational quality of the movie stands out the most to me. 

     I learned an amazing amount about the history of the movie industry, which encouraged me personally with my own dream of sharing my books with more and more people.  If I could emotionally move my readers with my books in a similar way to how Scorsese’s film affected me, I would be so grateful to God.   I know that is asking a great deal, but we all have to have dreams in this life to help keep us going.  

     We all have our own gifts from God, and I believe it is up to us to develop those gifts to the best of our ability.  It means a great deal of drive and hard work, but I think we owe that to our Creator for having given us these abilities in the first place.  There really should be no place in our lives for being overly discouraged and giving up.  No one ever succeeded in anything without determination and perseverance.

     I hope you will take the time to see Hugo, and let me know what you think of it.  I have a feeling you’ll agree with me that it was well worth seeing.  I hope you, too, will be inspired to develop your own gifts, whatever they may be, and be thankful for the many blessings in your life. 

     If any of you have had a chance to read any of my books or even looked at the free chapters available to be read on Amazon, please let me know which ones you liked and if any affected you in any positive way.  To see a few chapters of any of my books, go to and search for Cheryl Madeleine Lodico.  You’ll find a number of my books coming up, and you’ll be shown how you can read some sample chapters.  I found that, if you google my name, you can find several websites, where they allow you to sample chapters and buy the books at discount, if you so desire. 

     I’m gradually learning ways to market my books more successfuly, but I’m rather new in the writing field, having published my first novel only five years ago.  It takes time to build up your name as a writer and your reputation.

     Anyway, enjoy the long weekend with your family and friends.  It’s been great posting again, and I hope you have enjoyed hearing from me.  I always enjoy reading your webmail.  Thanks for keeping the comments coming.

                                                                                        Best wishes always,


Hello, again!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

     It has been entirely too long since I have sat at this computer writing a blog post for all of you.  Isn’t it amazing how everyday activities and a few unexpected turns and twists in life’s journey can get in the way of fulfilling one’s objectives?  Well, I’m back on the main road now and ready to go.

     My latest novel, A Time For Peace, is in the process of being published now.  I had the idea behind the novel in my mind for a few years before I began my research and the actual writing, but it required a great deal of time for me to reflect upon it and savor the theme and the plot.  Finally, when the idea was ripe, I began the first chapter, and then it gradually bedgan to grow and take on a life of its own.

     It isn’t easy to write the last of a mini-series of books.  Everything has to be tied together.  No loose ends allowed!  That means picking up characters – even minor ones – from previous novels in the series and completing their profiles within the strict confines of the plot since the reader will want to know what happened to them, too.  And the reader has to be satisfied for the series to be completed successfully.  Yes, the last book in a series is a real challenge.

     Probably, when I was in high school, my favorite novel was Lost Horizon by James Hilton.  I was completely mesmerized by the topic, theme and style of the book.  For years afterward, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I was not a truly spiritual person then, and I did not know the Bible.  So Hilton’s concept of a utopian society like Shangri-La intrigued me.  Today, I still love the novel and recently enjoyed rereading it, but I can see the flaws in the Shangri-La society, something that I could not detect at all as a teenager.  Yet, this amazing novel greatly inspired me to write A Time For Peace, for isn’t it true that in times of stress and great challenge, many of us want to find a Shangri-La of our own?

     However, A Time For Peace is more about finding oneself and one’s true values in life than searching for a paradise that does not really exist at the present time.  The novel is more about love and its revitalizing effects on family and friends than it is about the beauty and majesty of far-away places.  But the novel captures many wonderful emotions, ideas and themes, too.  I greatly anticipate its being released some time in the Spring when I will be given a chance to share it with you and get feedback from my readers.

     Now I am slowly researching material for my next book, the setting of which is New York, Odessa, and Moscow between 1912 and 1917, basically the time when the tides were turning towards revolution in Czarist Russia.  This is the story of one Russian-Jewish emigrant, who has had to escape to the United States, but is able to maintain contact with some members of her family in Odessa.  Her story is a poignant one of loyalty and loss, but also great love, despite her need to struggle for survival.  Whether or not she will ever again see the two people who have sacrificed all they had for her freedom is a major focus of the story.

     Writing is a wonderful activity for all of us, but for me it is something I must do on many different levels.  It beings more meaning into my life.  It helps me focus on topics that are important to me.  Yet, it is also an outlet for me emotionally and mentally.  It keeps me young through learning new things every day through my research, and it helps me to focus upon what is positive rather than worrying about the negative.  Writing helps me to connect with other people and to share my hopes, dreams, knowledge, wisdom and life experience.

     I recommend writing as a hobby or vocation for all of you.  In my retirement from teaching, a focus on spirituality, in addition to reading, writing, connecting with friends and relatives socially, either in person or through Facebook, have all been very satisfying and fulfilling.  But writing, God’s precious gift to me (and to so many others), has always brought me closer to Him and has helped me to better understand myself and those whom I love.

Until my next post,