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Would You Like To Write A Review?

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

It is interesting to reflect upon the importance of literary reviews, especially for a relatively new writer. I have written and self-published fifteen books between 2006 and 2012, but I have had only seven reviews thus far. When I receive the promotional materials for my latest book, “A Time For Peace,” I will be writing to various newspapers in New York, sending them a press release and letting them know that I would be interested in a review of my latest book.

Actually, I would be happy to have any of my readers review my books as well. I found out that the following websites allow any interested readers to review books of their choice. The following are a partial list of these websites.

Any of my books can be previewed and purchased online at and, in addition to some others that may appear when you use one of the search engines to look up my name and any of my books.

Some of my novels are “A Time For Peace,” “Searching For the Sunny Side,” “33’s Theo,” “Beyond the Stars,” “Son of a Gun and the Evening Star,” “The Wacky World of Winnie and Willie,” “Counter-Attack” and “A Step-Mother’s Tale.”

If you have read any of my books and would like to write a review, I would be honored. If you have not yet read any of them, this might be a good time to start. Each of them is very special to me, but “33’sTheo” is especially endearing to me. Whichever one you choose, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Happy reading and reviewing. Until the next post,


What a Lovely Few Days we Have Had!

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

It was a beautiful day!  And so were the previous four or five! No one can complain about having a little bit of summer in March. Whether it is global warming or some other unnatural phenomenon, it has been truly wonderful!

One incredible aspect of retirement is being able to put one’s daily activities on hold, if necessary, to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend additional time outdoors. I had a pleasant time dining out for lunch with my husband. Even doing food shopping was not that much of a chore, although the rising costs of everything did take a little fun out of the shopping experience.

I hope all of you had a chance to enjoy the day, whether you were working or had time off. The daffodils, tulips and crocuses are lovely, and, before you know it, we’ll be able to smell the roses.

Happy Spring!

Stress Management

Friday, March 16th, 2012

I have been trying all day to post a short blog to you on the subject of stress management. I received an interesting e-mail from “Reader’s Digest” that I wanted to share with you. (…). I truly feel that some of the suggestions will be of great benefit to you, as they have been to me.

The Bible contains wonderful ways to reduce stress as well. If you look through the books of Proverbs and Psalms, especially, you will be surprised at the amazing ideas that you will find in making great positive changes in your life. The entire Bible is a source of amazing and invaluable information, as I have pointed out several times in past blogs.

As soon as some problems with my website are resolved, I will be posting much more.

Best wishes for a pleasant evening.