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Sunday, June 9th, 2013

I am sorry that I haven’t visited with you for a while. As you all know, May and June are busy months for everybody. Let’s see… There are graduations, weddings, great new books to read, vocal,piano and dance recitals, finales of our favorite television shows, new movies coming out and much more of our favorite produce in the supermarkets. (I look for fresh and succulent strawberries, along with those delicious blueberries.) It is not easy to blog with all these distractions, but today I must! (I have been away from the creative side of my computer for far too long.)

My grandchildren have performed vocally at their school, and my middle grandchild, Lauren, has outdone herself this year at her annual dancing recital. She performed two routines: one in hip-hop and the other in tap. When I was little, I took up tap also, but I wasn’t nearly as good as my granddaughter.

I also got to see a wonderful movie, “The Great Gatsby,” with my husband and my step-daughter. Leonardo De Caprio was superb! In one scene I found myself crying and visibly shaken by what had happened to one of the characters. My husband can’t understand why I get so emotional, but I am sure that other women could relate.

I started reading “The Flower Shop” series, which, so far, I have enjoyed very much. Kate Collins is a fantastic author. She is funny as she unravels the mystery. I am waiting for another new mystery series from Guideposts to arrive soon. Their books are inspirational, fast-moving and a lot of fun. (I hope readers think along those lines when reading my books.)

Then, of course, there was Memorial day weekend. My husband and I spent that Sunday with my step-son and his family as well as my step-daughter and her family. Seeing all of them is fun and games,(I mean literally.) We play games in the backyard and the kids have fun laughing and cracking jokes. We also had fun on Mother’s Day back in the beginning of May. It is always nice when the family gets together.

I haven’t yet gone back to writing novels, but I must admit that my fingers are itching to do so. Who knows? I may be starting a new short story or a novel sooner than even I think. We’ll see. My published books are still available on Amazon. To see a current list, please check the “About the Book” and the “Library” sections on this website.

Enjoy what is left of this weekend and have a wonderful week ahead!