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Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

For less than two days my husband and I were not able to use our air conditioner in the two main rooms downstairs. Today, for just five hours our electricity had to be cut off entirely in order to rectify the electrical problem. It got me to thinking how dependent we all are on the absolute necessity of modern times: electrical power, which allows us to function in the manner in which we, in modern times, have grown accustomed to, and could not (or would not) want to do without.

Especially in the summertime, but even the last two days of mid-spring, when the temperature has been rising to close to ninety degrees, we realize how dependent most of us are on air conditioning. At least, my husband and I realized this since our electricity had to be turned off in order to let the workers fix the problem three of our neighbors shared with us. (Our four houses are linked to the same power source. If one house is affected, the other three are, too, and access to all four houses is needed once the outside problem is repaired.)

Yesterday we had partial power, (which we had since early April when the problem first began), but today we had no power at all since the problem was being worked on outside. Retired now and taking some medications as most seniors do, my husband and I felt listless and extremely uncomfortable in the humid, warm air. I had to cancel a few appointments since I didn’t want to leave my husband alone with the problem. “For better or for worse,” we stick together.

So it was, not only uncomfortable, but boring. I read a lot, but even that gets tedious when there is little else to do. It was too hot for a nice walk. There was no television and not even a fan. After all, there was NO electricity! I couldn’t cook anything on the stove or in the oven, and since we wanted more than cereal, milk or a can of tuna, we had to send out for lunch. (For a while, we could not even leave the house since the repairmen might need access to our house at any time.) I couldn’t do e-mails or Facebook or even write for my own amusement (except, of course, by hand, the old-fashioned way, which doesn’t appeal to me that much anymore.) Most of all, my husband and I felt so tired and unmotivated that we didn’t even want to do the things we could do.

The electricity came on at 1:30 P.M., and I literally jumped for joy, despite my joint problems. (I think I forgot for a minute that I had any.) My husband was running around, making sure everything worked, but I went first to the air conditioner in the living room-dining room area. Voila! It worked! Thank God! We both felt alive again as the coolness permeated us.

I ran up to use my computer. I had to tell all of you how much we should appreciate the miracle of electricity. Maybe, our ancestors, (back to the cavemen), could do well without it, but we’re much too frail and spoiled today. Throughout the world, all of us may not fully understand the miracle of electricity, but we surely need it!