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Thursday, July 31st, 2014

So many technological devices are out there for our help and entertainment that it is sometimes mindboggling and overwhelming. I never had a problem with English grammar, higher math or literary analysis, but I admit that I have found the new technology challenging.

However, despite all that, I learned how to use my computer and now my I-phone. Learning the computer necessitated some in-service courses at the middle school where I taught English, and I learned how to use my phone with the help of a number of people, including my grandchildren, and my own experimentation by trial and error.

I can now post pictures on Facebook from my phone, which is a great accomplishment for me. When you are a proud grandmother, that is very important.

This was just a little update, and you can be sure that future posts will be longer. It is time to relax, watch a little television and read before going to bed. Good night!

Until the next post,



Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

I AM SO GLAD THAT I FINALLY RENEWED MY WEBSITE AND BLOG FOR ANOTHER YEAR. It is such a delight to write a blog whenever I have the inclination to do so. There is so much to say about current events, my self-published books, family, friends and just about everything else I feel like writing about.

Everyone out there! Think about blogging! It is such a fun-filled activity, but, in addition, it is good for your mind. Writing on a regular basis helps you to think more clearly, focus well on a given topic, nostalgically reflect upon past events, and constantly improve your quality of writing.

I resolve to blog as often as I can from now until next year’s renewal. Writing will just be a definite part of my everyday schedule. It is a good way to wind down at night, but writing, of course, is a pleasure every time of the day.

Thank you for sharing this lovely addition to my day. Have a great evening.

Best wishes,



Monday, July 21st, 2014

A few days ago I purchased something special to me. It is not a luxury item, and it would not be considered overly expensive. The main thing is that I wanted it, and buying it meant a great deal to me, and it would help me
with my volunteer work.

All of my friends except one(who, I guess, was never a real friend to begin with) were happy that I was happy and helped me to follow the instructions on using it properly. I was so grateful that most of my questions were answered!

When I told my so-called friend about the little gadget that meant so much to me, instead of being encouraging and reiterating how helpful the item would be in my everyday life, she pointed out that everyone she knew already had it but kept it to themselves. Of course, she missed the point that I told a few of my friends only because I needed help in using it properly.

At first this individual’s reaction made me very unhappy, but then I realized that the old saying is so true that even little things can mean a great deal to people, and no one has the right to try to take away one’s happiness, out of jealously, cruelty or any other negative motive.

When people try to rain on our parade, we should not let them have the chance. We should remember that, if something brings us joy, that is the important thing. Also, we should never let others bring us down. If we love ourselves and our Maker, we should find every reason to be happy and not allow others to intrude upon that happiness.

Don’t allow anyone to rain on your parade! Ignore their comments, look straight into their eyes, say a silent prayer and then walk away.

Planting, Watering and Watching Our Plants, Flowers,Fruits and Veggies Grow

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Today may be a short post, but it is from the heart. There is something awe-inspiring about watching God’s bounty grow. “I planted, Apollos watered, but God kept making it grow.” 1 Corinthians 3:6 Yes, only God can make everything grow in our gardens, but it feels exhilarating to be a part of the process.

This year I have a combination of summer flowers in my front yard, including a lovely yellow flower, the zinnia. All they require is a little water and a lot of love. When I water them each day (except today since we are expecting heavy showers), I feel close to God and nature, His special outdoor spectacle of loveliness. With water sprinkled throughout the garden, everything seems content and peaceful, and it is a pleasure to be part of it.

The backyard houses my little vegetable garden. So far, it’s tomatoes and eggplants, but I’m not finished. I will be adding some veggies here and there. I’m thinking of lettuce, string beans and peppers. I know, you’re thinking I’d better get going before the summer is over. And you’re right! It is fun to see the vegetables grow a little every day until they’re ripe and ready to bring inside. I hope that will be soon. The whole experience makes me feel like a child again.

In the same way that we plant and water plants, fruits and vegetables, eager to see them grow, we try to plant seeds of faith in people. We don’t have to be evangelizers by profession to do this. When a person does not truly know our Creator and therefore does not have a personal relationship with Him, a Bible Scripture or account can bring solace. Reaching out to those who need inspiration and providing precious words of comfort from God is the best kind of planting seeds. Think of loved ones and even strangers whom you might have helped with a message even paraphrased from God’s word. A word at the right time can be life-saving, and to be a part of that process is incomparable to anything else.

But back to actual gardening. Yes, it is creative, enjoyable and very necessary if you want to feel really close to our Creator. Get out those seedlings, fine soil, and sprinkling can, and enjoy the summer with flair.

Yes, Today Is the First Day of the Rest of our Lives…

Saturday, July 12th, 2014

I don’t know who first coined this phrase (above), but it is so true! Whatever calamities we had had to cope with in the past, they are over now. Perhaps, their repercussions still affect us in some way emotionally, mentally and/or physically, but the incident is history, and, if we want to, we have the ability to move on. In a similar way, if we have done really well in the past, we still cannot rest on our laurels. The present is fresh and new. We have to build anew for our future with hope and faith.

It has been a while since I posted on this blog. There have been a number of “challenges”, with which I have had to grapple, but I have begun to realize along the way that, despite all of life’s problems, we can still find joy in diverse and often wonderful ways.

For me seven of these ways are:

1) Connecting spiritually with God
2) Communicating my thoughts directly with people with whom I am close
3) Communicating my thoughts in the printed form
4) Reading on a variety of topics
5) Drawing and/or painting in water colors
6) Cooking, baking and, of course, eating
7) Planting and/or watering my lawn and, of course, the flowers and veggies from
my garden

I am going to write a little about each, but not in one sitting because I have to get to the supermarket so that I can do some fun cooking for tonight. So I will start with # 6 above.

I am thinking of making a stir-fry meal, featuring chicken and veggies for tonight. I already have all the vegetables, but I want to buy a roasted chicken. The recipe is really simple. I will stir-fry small pieces of the chicken (probably leaving at least half of the chicken for tomorrow) with the vegetables, which are already cut and ready to go. I will be sure to buy some fresh fruit, including watermelon and blueberries. I will also buy vanilla ice cream for my husband. I eat very little of it since it is too fattening for me, and I want to lose a few pounds.

Baking is also fun and relaxing for me. In addition, the final results are well worth the time and the effort in preparing the treats. Yesterday, I baked a truly decadent triple chocolate cake. I ate about one-fifteenth of it and put the rest in the refrigerator, making sure I cut it in small pieces first and covered it with foil. I will probably eat a few more small pieces in the next three or four days and freeze the rest. It was fun baking it. It came out great, and I won’t gain much, if any, weight from the few small pieces that I will eat before I freeze it. Unfortunately, my husband cannot eat chocolate cake because of his acid reflux. Usually, I bake yellow or vanilla cake for him.

Reading is a must for me. I love to read before I go to bed. I find it relaxing and joyful. The books I choose to read have positive themes, which make me feel good and keep me hopeful and happy. I usually finish a book in a week or sometimes two weeks if I don’t get that much time to read at night. I really enjoy serials the best. I get a chance to keep connecting with the characters from one book in the series to the next. Many of my own novels are written in serial form, too. I hope my readers enjoy seeing their favorite characters in my books in a variety of settings and in new situations.

I will continue with these feel-good activities of mine later tonight or tomorrow. I promise not to let months or even days go by without a post. It was not good for me, personally, and I am truly sorry if I let any of you down, who were waiting for one of my posts.

Until the next time,