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Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

Last Thursday my press release marketing campaign was launched. In the middle of March, another marketing campaign, my big campaign to get my latest novel, “Just A Kiss,” in the physical bookstores, will also be launched. It is all very exciting, but a positive attitude and self-confidence have to be maintained at all times because sometimes, initial exhilaration wears off.

Right now I am concentrating on the press release campaign, my first one. A multitude of journalists, representing newspapers and magazines, radio and television, and other people in the media who would be interested in my romance novel have been alerted through e-mail. I received my very first response today from an editor of a magazine in Colorado. I will be sending her a copy of the recently written press release tomorrow. I hope she wants to write an article about my novel and me. It would be wonderful to get the exposure and coverage for my novel, “Just A Kiss.” I hope there will be many more responses to this campaign run by a marketing company called “Piece of Cake.”

In a few short weeks the campaign to get my novel into the physical bookstores will begin. Representatives from my company, Xlibris, will be doing the actual legwork, which involves going to the bookstores themselves and pitching my novel. Thank God, self-published books now have a returnable policy. Without it most bookstores (practically all) would not take the chance of buying any self-published books. Once my books are on the shelves of physical, commercial bookstores, in addition to being available online, I know that my sales will be good. I have invested so much time, money and emotion into this book and my fifteen others that it is important that I meet with some degree of success.

Now I am going to address that first letter to a journalist with my press release inside. Again, my attitude has to be completely positive, radiating confidence from deep inside. I know I can do it!!!!!

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Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

Hi, my friends. Welcome to my website this evening. It is snowing and probably raining a little, too, but it’s winter, so what can we expect? Inside, at least, it is a comfortable temperature, and I am keeping busy.

Yesterday, I started my own marketing campaign. The big one, professionally carried out, will begin in about a month or so…maybe sooner, but I’ll keep you posted. That campaign will involve the Xlibris company marketing team representing me as they do the legwork and go to a myriad of physical bookstores across this country, pitching my book to be included in each store’s saleable fiction. It is a monumental job that it would be impossible for me to do alone. I couldn’t cover even the bookstores in the five boroughs myself, much less the entire country!

You must be wondering what my own campaign is consisting of. I have sent to all my friends, relatives, professional acquaintances and local newspapers in addition to a few syndicated ones some really attractive marketing materials for my novel, “Just A Kiss,” a cute little introductory letter and a press release prepared for me by “Piece of Cake,” a marketing company. In all I sent out about thirty-five letters. I sent out very few actual copies of my novel because costs have gone up, and I just could not afford to do so. I hope everyone understands.

I am hoping that I will soon hear from some of the journalists and other media people emailed by the press release company, “Piece of Cake.” I wish I knew how to attach some of the publicity material to this blog so that you could see it, but I am afraid I need help from people who know the computer a great deal better than I do. If this were an email, I would know how to do the attachment, but not to a blog on my website. I am not that computer savvy yet. I know you probably would also like to see the press release, but again, I’d have to ask the people from Word Press or the company who designed this website.

I am proud of my novel, “Just A Kiss.” It is humorous but also poignant, and it does give a very realistic picture of the conflicts involved in falling in love, especially when one is young and inexperienced in life. What makes it very special to me is that it was inspired by an incident that actually happened to me, the author.

You can order it in many ways, but I recommend the www.Xlibris bookstore. But if you want to go “inside the book,” go to Remember to put in my name, Cheryl Madeleine Lodico, and the title of the novel, “Just A Kiss.”

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and be careful if it is snowing, raining and sleeting where you are!

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Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

It was exciting to receive my marketing materials today. Xlibris, my publishing company, sent me four types of marketing materials: posters, business cards, bookmarks and postcards. I want to write to friends and relatives, mailing each of them at least one of the three (posters are for a different purpose…to advertise in stores, especially when I have a book signing). Some I will send by regular mail, and others I will e-mail with an attachment.

My press release, written by “Piece of Cake,” a marketing company, is being distributed by the company now and during the next few days. I hope that it will get a huge response.

Mostly, I am looking forward to the book launching campaign, where my company will do all the legwork to get my book, “Just A Kiss,” into the physical bookstores. Right now, it is only online. Both venues would be best for my novel.

Today I will be drafting the letter I will send to friends, relatives and business associates. When it sounds the way I want it to, I will finalize it and send it out with one of the appropriate marketing materials. It is work, yes, but it is also exciting and fun.

To order “Just A Kiss,”, the easiest way is to call Xlibris customer service at 1-888-795-4274. Ask for the novel and provide my name.

I will keep you posted on how everything is going!

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Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Read “Just A Kiss”! It will make you laugh, cry, and compel you to keep reading until you have finished the book. It will remind you of your own “star-crossed” relationships and keep you hoping that somehow the two protagonists will find their way to each other!

Now, if you would like to order “Just A Kiss,” you can simply call 1-888-795-4274 and order the book at customer service. To get to the Xlibris website directly, on your browser,you can write in Advanced Search: on your browser.

Advanced Search :

Remember: YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL 1-888-795-4274. To me that is the easiest approach.

The novel was actually inspired by a real-life event. When working as a temp worker in Manhattan when I was nineteen years old, my boss, the owner of a small lithography company, made a pass at me. By that I mean that he kissed me. I wanted to leave immediately after he kissed me, but he practically begged me to finish the letters he needed to send out and instead of my leaving, he left. I always wondered whether it was a mistake to remain and finish the letters. I should have gone, most likely. Also, I didn’t report the incident, but now I know that I should have. Why, because I did not alert the temp company to his inappropriate behavior, he may have done the same thing to other typists and/or secretaries. Today his inappropriate behavior would be considered sexual harassment!

However, my novel is far different from the real-life situation because it did not end with the secretary never seeing the boss again. Also, Carolyn’s boss is Bruce Donovan, the SON of the owner of the company, not the owner himself as it was in the real-life incident. Another major difference is that, in the novel, Mr. Kahn, the young girl’s (Carolyn’s) father, persuades his daughter to confront the Donovans and threaten to press sexual harassment charges. All kinds of sparks fly at that point, more actually than those emanated by the kiss.

I had fun providing seemingly endless twists and turns that pulled Carolyn and Bruce apart, even though they actually were very attracted to each other. Bruce is actually fired by his own dad, and Carolyn goes back to college. If supposedly a win-win out-of-court solution was ultimately reached in the eyes of the parents, why are Carolyn and Bruce so miserable? Why do they meet again and again, totally unexpectedly, in the most unanticipated of places? Is there any way that they can actually develop a relationship and get to know each other better?

Of course, all of these questions and more can be answered by ordering the book and reading it. If it hooks you, as I know it will, you can probably read it in one or two sittings if you have a few leisure hours to do it. I hope you do!

Click on the link above and visit the website. I hope that you enjoy the book. I KNOW you will!

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Wednesday, February 4th, 2015

I wrote “Just A Kiss” two years ago, but I didn’t self-publish my manuscript until the end of 2014. It became available yesterday in the Xlibris bookstore(, Amazon ( , Barnes & Noble (www.barnes& AND BY TELEPHONE: 1-888-795-4274. I MUST SAY THE COMPLETION OF THE PRINTING OF MY LATEST NOVEL AND THE AVAILABILITY OF THE BOOK WERE EXCITING AND WELCOME NEWS TO ME AFTER ALL THE WORK THAT I PUT INTO IT. Also, considering the inclement weather and the loss of a family member this week, it was good to receive some good news for a change. For many of us, Winter itself with its cold, snow and general dreariness, can be depressing.

“Just A Kiss” is a novel, filled with humor as well as pathos, a nice balance of the two. The back cover provides us with a synopsis of the novel. It reads: “”Based upon an incident that the author herself experienced as a young woman, ‘Just A Kiss’ is the story of Carolyn Kahn and Bruce Donovan, two seemingly star-crossed lovers. When Bruce Donovan, a young Madison Avenue executive and the son of advertising mogul Kent Donovan, impulsively kisses Carolyn Kahn, a young college student working for Bruce, all kinds of sparks fly.

“When Carolyn tells her parents what happened, she is persuaded by her father to confront the Donovans and threaten to press sexual harassment charges. Although a win-win out-of-court solution seems to be reached in the opinion of Kent and Phil (Carolyn’s father), Bruce and Carolyn are devastated. Running into each other in the most unpredictable of places, they realize that they are falling in love, but they know that their relationship must be kept secret.

“Filled with humor, pathos and the resilience of young love, “Just A Kiss” is a warm and sweet romance that brings us back to the wonder and excitement of our own first love and lost youth.”

I hope that you will buy a copy of the novel online. In a few months, it will be in your local bookstore.