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Friday, July 31st, 2015

Our main phone…the landline one…is out, probably as a result of the thunderstorm that we had in New York City last night. The technician will come tomorrow, but the representative from Verizon told us that there was probably a short in the system. Bottom line: they can’t come until tomorrow morning. So for one full day we are dependent on my cell phone.

Actually, I was pretty much stuck in the house today since my husband does not have a cell phone, and I didn’twant to leave him home alone with no phone. (It rhymes…”home alone with no phone” lol). With this hot summer weather, my husband does not venture outside much, except for local driving or a little walking. But if our phone were working, I would certainly have gone to see my granddaughter perform. However, good news: We will be going over to my step-son’s home in the next day or so, and we will see a video of her performance. It will almost be like having been there.

In today’s chapter of “Out Of My Dreams,” I will be giving background on Jake, the husband of my protagonist, Vivian. I will provide information to explain why Jake is so depressed and limited physically and emotionally. That should explain why Vivian cannot seriously consider leaving him. She is a loyal person, and her husband is exceptionally needy now. Leaving him in this condition would bring Vivian guilt with which she could not cope.

The third chapter, which I will write tomorrow (hopefully) will give the reader an idea of what Viv’s daydreams are like. You will certainly find that chapter especially interesting.

As they say, “time is awasting,” so I will say farewell for now. I want to write that second chapter (or as much of it as I can now and finish later tonight), eat dinner, water the lawn and perhaps decide to see my step-son and his family.

Stay well, visit tomorrow again and write a comment in the box provided after the post or at my special website for messages from you visitors to my website. Again, it is ch571324.

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Heat, Humidity and Rain!

Thursday, July 30th, 2015

Forgive me for not blogging for a few days. My excuses are the words above: heat, humidity and rain! I have been afraid of overloading the electrical appliances, including this computer, because of the high usage in Queens. Unfortunately, there have been many outages in different parts of the metropolitan area.

Tomorrow I am going to continue with the second chapter of my new book, “Out Of My Dreams.” I may not be writing at the moment, but I am reflecting upon my plot, gathering together new ideas, and focusing on my characters. I will have time tomorrow afternoon and evening to write, write, write! Until then, I am busy with a meeting tonight and a presentation at my granddaughter’s drama camp that I want to see. She is, in my opinion, a future Broadway singer and actress. Time will tell.

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Yes, Today Is the Day!

Sunday, July 26th, 2015

First, I want to say hello and welcome you to my website. I hope you will keep returning since I want to keep it as refreshing and enjoyable as possible!

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I have been thinking about starting my new novel for quite a while lately, but nothing has come of it, unfortunately. I can blame it on the heat, discouragement, mild depression or being concerned more with marketing my other books, but the end result is still the same: I have not yet started the novel that I have been toying with in my mind for such a long time now!

So today is the day! I am going to write the first few paragraphs, at least. The time will come before watering the flowers, plants and lawn outside my home and the early evening when I will prepare dinner for my husband and me. Since it is only four o’clock, I have plenty of time.

The novel is about daydreams and how they rob us of valuable time in living in reality and making necessary lifestyle changes. It is about Vivian Wallace, a middle-aged woman who is unhappy in her marriage but lacks the courage to end what cannot be salvaged and move forward into life’s next adventure for her. Instead of effecting change, she finds momentary happiness, adventure, romance and love in her daydreams, which are almost as vivid and incessant as the much-beloved Walter Mitty’s, a character about whom the protagonist has read incessantly and admires. When Vivian’s dreams turn romantic and exude intense emotions that revolve around someone who is just an acquaintance in real life, but who shows interest in her and brings her happiness through his cheerful and outgoing personality, she becomes frightened as she realizes that she cannot continue in a life that has become secondary to her daydreams. She experiences depression each time a daydream ends, and once again she has to face a reality that sickens her. Whenever she realizes how much of her life is being robbed by her fantasies, she becomes more and more depressed. How Vivian decides to reconcile fantasy and reality becomes the crux of the book.

Soon, I shall begin this new writing project, but I will be sure to include a little about my progress each time I write a new blog. Regardless of what the topic will be, I will manage to share my emotions and a little of the plot as I go along.

I hope you will keep visiting my website and share the journey with me. Remember, this website can only be interactive if you write to the following e-mail address to comment or enter any of my contests to win free books. The e-mail address is: CH571324. Until the next time,


Welcome, Friends…

Friday, July 24th, 2015

We have had several beautiful summer days in the northeast, and am I grateful! The birds are singing outside my window, and I am reflecting upon ideas for my next book. I can write only when I am comfortable and happy, so that means there are plenty of days when I get writer’s block and cannot write a line that meets with my approval.

I want so much to share my writing with you folks and everyone else who enjoys reading. I have more than a story to tell in my novels; there is a message that I myself have learned the hard way…through experiencing life. And I want to share that message with you in the best medium possible…by visualizing it in color in your own mind.

Now I love movies, television and theatre…but reading is something just as special or even more so. It is wonderful to visualize everything our own way, not through the eyes of the director. I think our minds are so much busier when we read. If we don’t focus completely, we miss everything and have to reread. Therefore, it is such a pleasure to have people read my books and picture what I have tried to describe and feel the emotions that I have attempted so hard to instill in my characters.

I hope that you will try reading any one of my books…or more. You can browse in “About the Books” or “Library” right on this website. If there is anything you like, you can order it on or if it is one of my most recently written novels, you can order it on if you would like to order “Escape From the Maelstrom” or if you would like to order “Just A Kiss.”

We’ll talk later or tomorrow. Until then, best wishes from


Another Hot, Humid Evening…

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

As I wait for my dinner to finish cooking, I am sitting here at my computer with the AC lightly sounding in the background. It is close to seven o’clock, and I am still not hungry. I think the summer is a good time to lose weight. We just aren’t as hungry as we generally are the rest of the year. Being in and out of the heat can impact negatively on our appetites.

Just as the heat and humidity will ease up the next few days, and more pleasant temperatures will return, so will some of the anxiety and depression that many people feel this time of the year. But some will probably remain because seasonal depression is a problem for many people. Even if it is not serious enough to take medication, it is still a condition with which one has to cope.

Life itself is often a question of endurance. We all have so many challenges in this life. Whether they are physical, emotional, mental, marital, spiritual or financial, problems arise from time to time for all of us. Dealing with them is difficult, even, of course, with professional help.

I have always found that, when things become difficult to cope with, it is time for prayer. God is close to us if we draw close to Him, and He wants us to pour out our hearts to him when our spirits feel crushed. He never tires of listening to a tortured soul, much less those of us who have just one or two problems that concern us.

The Bible tells us that “he who has endured until the end will be saved.” (Matthew 24:13) “In the height and in the holy spaces is where I reside, also with the one crushed and lowly in spirit, to revive the spirit of the lowly ones and to revive the heart of the ones being crushed.” Isaiah 57:15

So enjoy as much of the season as you can, and when things become especially challenging, pray more than ever. “Pray incessantly.” (1 Thess. 5:17) You will then find the strength to endure and enjoy life more, remembering all the time that God has better things in store for us than what is offered in this world. The “Good News” of the Kingdom gives us faith that a Paradise awaits us if we have the endurance to keep on going. He knows when the time is right.

In love and faith, I remain



Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Good evening, readers!

For new visitors to my website, hello, and I truly hope that you enjoy browsing. You can read summaries of my books and read my autobiography on this website under “About the Books,” “Library,” and “About the Author.” I have been blogging for years, and you can read all of my blogs since 2010, when I first started, in the Archives.

I started writing this blog rather late in the evening, so it won’t be very long. I would like you to read chapters from my books on Amazon. If you search for “Cheryl Madeleine Lodico,” images of my books will appear. For free, you can “look inside the book” if you desire and see whether any of the novels or other genre of the fifteen books that are on Amazon appeal to you. I love to do that when deciding whether or not to buy a book.

“Just A Kiss” is my latest novel. It was based on an incident that actually happened to me. Read the beginning chapters on Amazon and you will see what I mean.

I hope you will visit my website often. I intend to do frequent blogging from now on.

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