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Wednesday, September 30th, 2015

Every time I look outside and see a gloomy, cloudy and rainy day, I try to think of how we need the rain so much! Okay, our lawns look a lot better now, but it is much more than that, of course. The reservoir levels have gone down, and we need a great deal of water to build them up again. So we have to sacrifice several days of sun! The sun may not come out tomorrow, but it will make a showing every now and then until next week, when we will see it fully (I hope, anyway!)

Good news: I contacted the owners\managers of three bookstores (two in upstate New York and one in Pennsylvania), and they are selling my book on a trail basis for now. If the novel sells, they will purchase more books as needed. Fair enough for a relatively new writer whose work, so far, is advertised only online.

If you haven’t read any of my books so far, browse on my website. On the home page and the next couple of pages, you’ll be able to read a brief synopsis of each book and find out where you can purchase it. Remember that on Amazon, you can “look inside the book” to see if the book is for you!

I have no favorites among my books. They are all special to me…like little children. Each one was written at a special time in my life and contains emotions and love that are unique.

I encourage all of you to write. Start a journal and explore your feelings. It is beautiful and therapeutic as you come to know yourself better than you ever thought you could.

Until the next blog, enjoy every minute of your life!

Best wishes,



Thursday, September 24th, 2015

I have longed for cool mornings and slightly warmer afternoons for a long time…in fact for all of summer. And now those delightful contrasts are a fact of life…all our lives if we live on the eastern coast, especially in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Good! For once I won’t be complaining about the weather. I’m actually enjoying it, and so is my husband, who complains about the weather more than I do!

So now that weather conversations are out of the way, we can chat about something more interesting and creative. Actually, I received good news from my publishing company, Xlibris, that my newest novel, “Just A Kiss,” is being sold, not only in the many online stores, but also in four physical bookstores: three in New York and one in Pennsylvania. The bookstores are as follows: Otto’s Bookstore in Williamsport, Pennsylvania; The Golden Notebook in Woodstock, New York; Womrath Bookshop in Bronkville, New York, and The Bookworm in East Aurora, New York. If you are in the vicinity of any of these bookstores, please drop in, browse and buy my book. It is a great way to escape from the troubles of your world and the world at large, and it has substance as well as humor and pathos. Plus, it is very much a romance, and who doesn’t enjoy a good romance at the beginning of a beautiful season like Autumn?

I will be calling the four bookstores and introducing myself to the managers. If the stores were closer, I would have loved to arrange a signing. I hope that the book does well! Each of my books is like a special child. As it goes out into the world, I worry about its reception and long for acceptance, not rejection, for it. If any of my books are given a chance to be read, enjoyed and remembered, I know each one would take off from there.

Now that I have spread my good literary news, it is probably time to call it a night when it comes to blogging. So until the next time, I wish you, as always, nothing but the best of life!


A Month Later, It Is Still Oppressively hot!

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Ironic, isn’t it? It is a month since I have last posted on my blog, but it is almost as hot today as it was then! It’s funny, but when I was little, I loved warm weather. Now I can’t wait for the cool temperatures of Autumn! Well, the last day of Summer will be next Wednesday. Hopefully, no more heat waves until next year!

I have had some health problems in the last month, which prevented me from doing much writing. Pain is an inhibitor of expressing oneself through the medium of writing. In other words, I could do a lot of complaining, but I did not feel inclined to write anything of substance. So it was best to read, watch television and try to return to my daily routine gradually and as well as I could. I am making progress, thank God!

I am pleased to report that my novel, “Just A Kiss,” is featured in Foreward Magazine, August, 2015. My print ad for the novel is included with several others from XLibris, my publishing company, as well as books from other publishing companies. After having some health problems, it was good to see something positive.

Tomorrow, I will make every effort to write much more, but this is all for now. Have a wonderful evening and a great day tomorrow. I send my very best wishes,