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Hello, again!

Sunday, April 10th, 2016

Greetings and salutations!  Sorry I haven’t posted in a month.  Yes, I have been busy and sick with a cold for a couple of weeks, but, no, that’s still not a good excuse for not blogging…at least a little.  So I am sorry.  Writing to you each day should be my pleasant and sweet priority.  Yes, life does get in the way of what we like to do best!

Now that we have gotten the apologies out of the way, how are you doing?  Have you also been irritated at all the winter weather in Spring?  Unfair and unexpected!  And not pretty!  But we take what we can get when it comes to the weather.  We have to leave it to higher powers.

Sibling Day has been exciting.  On Facebook I have read posts and seen lovely pictures of many of my friends and their sibling(s).  I have even posted myself.     Those of us who have siblings are indeed blessed.  I have a wonderful slightly older sister, who has always looked out for me.  Dad told us both before he died in 1987 that he wanted us to always be there for one another…emotionally, psychologically, physically, even though we live a few hours away from one another.  He wanted my sister and me to know that we have a friend for life…someone we could always talk to, rely upon, if necessary, and love and be loved.  Even without his asking us to be there for one another, we would have, anyway.  That’s what sibling love is all about.

I am doing a great deal of Spring cleaning, even though I am tired and really don’t feel like doing all of the work that Spring cleaning entails.  However, the results are good.  The house is much warmer, cleaner and much more free of  clutter.  So all the exertion and exercise are worth it!  I still have a great deal to do…but a little each day and one day at a time!

I always look forward to hearing from you readers.  Whatever book of mine you have read, I would love to know how you reacted to it.  Did you enjoy it?  Did it have any special meaning for you or perhaps bring back a beautiful memory of your own?  If you have anything to share, please e-mail me at

I have to finish up my dinner dishes and complete a little cleaning and laundry before watching the season finale of “When Calls the Heart” at 9:00 P.M. on Hallmark Channel.  So I will be completing this blog and bidding you a fond farewell until the next time, which I know will be a good deal sooner than the last time.  Stay well and be happy!  Good things are on the horizon.  Just have faith and believe!