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Five Good Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

Monday, August 28th, 2017

An intrinsic part of our human instinct is to anticipate the future. We often project either our desires or our insecurities into future events, depending upon our personalities. Optimistic, positive people usually see the best that lies ahead. Pessimistic, negative folks often see the worst possible scenario. What do you think the Autumn has in store for you? And why do you believe that some of us love the Fall and others dread its coming? Let’s explore all the possibilities!

I’m sure that I’m not alone in my love of all the beautiful colors of Autumn! Yes, the reawakening of nature in Spring also brings forth gorgeous colors and summer is filled with bright, vivid hues of flowers and plants as well! But every color in the fall, especially the trees, is extra vibrant, perhaps because nature is ready to go to sleep as winter approaches.

Whatever the reason, nature seems to explode with a profusion of amazing colors! Just taking walks, wherever we happen to live, but especially in the country, brings us unparalleled joy! Picking up the loveliest of the leaves as they fall from the trees is an Autumn pastime, and not only for children! All kinds of crafts can emanate from nature’s gift of leaves in extraordinary color! Many of these creative projects turn into special personal masterpieces that we savor long after!

Autumn means pumpkins in huge numbers! Pumpkins are not only used in large quantities by those who celebrate Halloween. Not at all! So many of us enjoy pumpkin pie, bread and muffins. We also create non-seasonal crafts, which we enjoy throughout all the seasons!

In the Fall many of us go apple picking! It’s as much fun for the adults as it is for the children, for we sojourn with nature at the same time that we pick the choicest apples!

The Autumn means cooler, more comfortable weather in the 60’s and 70’s! It is actually my kind of weather but certainly not mine alone. Most people like a break from the sultry summer weather, including high temperatures and, unfortunately, humidity to match!

Another part of Autumn that most of us love is Octoberfest! All over, there are festivities including great food, exhibits, crafts and other activities! For me, Octoberfest is most fun right here on Long Island! I have enjoyed it especially over the years in Cold Spring Harbor, but Octoberfest is great all over the Island!

Speaking as a retired English teacher, I strongly feel that returning to school and work, although an adjustment after vacation, is a good thing in the long run! I loved the creativity of my teaching position, and I enjoyed teaching and interacting with my students. I took pride in helping my students to learn and mature!

Whatever one’s job, returning to a structured lifestyle is important to the heart and mind! Most jobs offer some intellectual stimulation and creativity! Even youngsters look forward to the excitement of a new school year, although they would never admit it! New teachers, a new curriculum and even new school supplies are exciting!

So when Labor Day weekend comes and goes, all the fun is not over by far! The official coming of Autumn is in less than a month! Look forward to it! Actually, when September 21st arrives, the fun and games, so to speak, will just be beginning!

A Wonderful Preview of Fall

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

What a wonderful change! From exceedingly hot, humid weather on Tuesday to a long and comfortable stretch of below average weather for the rest of August and hopefully well beyond! It’s still going to be warm in the afternoons, but not hot, moist and humid! Instead, just right!

I know that some people like it, not just warm, but really hot! I was never in that category! I always liked 75 degree weather in the afternoon with a refreshing breeze and in the 60’s in the evening and maybe a tad cooler in early morning!

Wouldn’t it be amazing not to have the AC on every night, but to open all the windows and let the fresh air come in? We’ll be able to experience all of this in the next week or so and perhaps even longer.

Don’t get me wrong, though! When it’s really hot, I appreciate every moment the AC is on, but I can’t help praying for cooler, more refreshing temperatures, just like we are promised during the weeks ahead of us!

I guess I’m of the philosophy that happiness and cool, refreshing weather go together! Bring it on, Autumn! We’ll be seeing you very soon!

Comments After Viewing the Solar Eclipse in Various States

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Some complain about television, but no one can deny that it can be, not only very entertaining, but quite educational as well! Today, we couldn’t thank the CEO’s of channels 7 and 2 enough for their broadcasting two hours of amazing information and actual photos of the celestial phenomenon we have been awaiting for months! August 21, 2017 has been a most special day! Imagine seeing a total eclipse from the comfort and safety of your own home!

I could not believe that I could actually see pictures of the moon covering the sun and seeing total darkness in several states as a result, including Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, Idaho, South Carolina and even Washington, D. C. I took countless pictures and posted them on Facebook. I want to save several of these pictures so that I can remember this absolutely magical day!

Life may be very challenging, and people may often be at odds with one another and feel alienated, but at a time like this, whrn we live in an era of advanced technology and scientific advances often beyond the average person’s comprehension, we realize that the world has become so much smaller and people so much closer! I felt that closeness today , and I am sure I’m not the only

The Unofficial End of Summer

Monday, August 21st, 2017

In two weeks it will be Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer. I can’t help asking the same question that most people do at just this time of the year: where did the summer go?…

Now I remember distinctly June 21st, the first day of summer. I was so happy when I woke up, knowing that it would be the longest day of the year, and it would bring in ten weeks of warm, mostly beautiful weather with a variety of exciting activities, including swimming, tennis, golf and, of course, gardening! Two special people in my life were even born on that date!

July 4th came and went so quickly with the delicious barbecues and the companionship of the people who mean so much to us! Some of us went on vacation while others stayed home and spent time in our pools or went to local beaches.

The weeks that followed during this summer brought in many lovely days and breezy nights, but also several heat waves! We got through it all: the good and the bad, just as we always do, through faith, endurance, prayer and hope for the future.

Now the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, lies before us! Most of us look forward to a super barbecue with those who are closest to us. But we also feel an element of sadness because everyone loves vacation time, and, since childhood, isn’t that what we associate with summer?

What am I thinking about as Labor Day is rapidly approaching? I remember the numerous Labor Days when, I, as a child, spent the summer vacations with my parents, grandparents and extended family at Rockaway Beach, Queens, at my grandparents’ rooming house. Labor Day meant an end-of-the-season summer party with a live band and delicious, catered refreshments. A summer boarder by the name of Mr. Borden collected money from each of the other summer residents so as to have enough to feed us all at this spectacular get-together.

Yes, it was an amazing get- together each Labor Day. I remember how we all danced the night away in between eating, drinking soft drinks, laughing and talking.

So, with those splendid memories dancing together in my head, I bravely and even cheerfully anticipate both the unofficial and the official end of summer about two weeks after Labor Day!

Each year I grow more sure of the knowledge that the future holds something very special to which to look forward. Each season brings us closer to that time!

So the end of summer is not a time to make us feel depressed! It is instead a time to look forward to what comes next… in terms of the seasons…Autumn and beyond that, winter, summer and God’s Kingdom! So yes, bring it on!

The Importance of Just Hanging In”!

Tuesday, August 8th, 2017

We all know that life is not a “rose garden”. It is often very difficult, and, in a way, we are like soldiers fighting for endurance, strength, inner peace and sometimes even our sanity!

For every phase of our lives, there are challenges. I have already gone through many of life’s stages: childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and middle age, and I’m now in the retired senior category.

Sometimes, I complain about this stage since, being that I’m not one of those rich jet-setters who travel the world, or even one of those snowbirds who fly south for the coldest of the winter months, my husband and I have to be very careful about expenditures. After the bills are paid, there’s not much left for anything extra. I have to be creative in terms of finding constructive and fun things with which to occupy myself.
Besides a lack of structure in our lives, financial problems for some, a little boredom and sometimes a struggle with depression, for some seniors this is also a time for thinking about wills, life insurance and long term care. Sometimes, children and/ or step-children can be callous and lacking in understanding when seniors need compassion and kindness most! Some may be willing to take parents to medical appointments, but can’t find the time to talk to them and find out what’s going on in their lives, aside from their medical problems. A senior parent is much more than his/her health impairments!

The best part about this stage in my life is enjoying my three smart, sweet, cute and talented grandchildren. I don’t see them nearly enough, however, since many times my husband doesn’t feel up to going, and I don’t want to leave him alone. But I text and call the grandkids when I can without overdoing it. Grandkids are busy, too, especially when they are teens or pre-teens!

To me, God, the Father, and Jesus make the good times in life better and make the worst times at least bearable. Reading the Bible has given me the faith to keep going as I dream of a millennial Paradise that will follow Armageddon, according to the Bible.

We all have problems and experience good and bad times. We have to plow through the rough times and savor all the good ones. We can’t let the malice and unreasonableness of others affect our moods! We have to think positively and substitute the good thoughts for the negative ones! Reading books with positive themes help, too. The support of some friends, family members and congregation members can make a difference, too!

Life, to a certain degree, is what we make of it! Yes, some things are completely beyond our control, but how we react to them is still very much
within our control! So we say a prayer and find a way to cope with the upsetting things and enjoy all the good moments! Yes, there are many good ones, you know! They’re just sometimes hiding behind the problems and challenges!

Hello again!

Saturday, August 5th, 2017

It has been weeks since I have been able to post any blogs. Every year at this time the domain that houses my website has to be renewed. For some reason it takes weeks to complete the process, although I have tried everything!

I have sent in the renewal check early. I have made various calls to let the company know that the check was sent. I have checked with the bank to make sure that the check was deposited by the company! And then more calls!

Finally, I was asked to fill in the complicated security code to get onto my website, and then lo and behold! I was finally able to write this blog to you!

It will be a short blog today. I thought it would be appropriate to write about the importance of self-expression because that is what a website enables us to do.

Having a website with access to blogging is emotionally healthy for the writer. We all need to express our opinions. That is why social media is so popular! But for some, short posts on social media are not enough. Longer posts are needed and a larger audience for the type of information that a person needs to express.

As for me, I write on a wide variety of subjects. Many times I write about the fifteen books that I have written over the last twenty years. Most of the books are novels, but there are a few non fiction books, poetry and children’s books. I also write about current events and controversial topics.

But tonight I am so happy just to get my website back for another year. This is the beginning of my eighth year of blogging! I thank God for the opportunity to write what is in my heart and, in so doing, to have the privilege of entertaining, informing or at least helping others by relating to them in some way!