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After the Fall – Part 11

Friday, October 13th, 2017

I must have been in shock when I fell, and I couldn’t get up by myself. I called for my husband, who helped me up, and with his help, I called 911. I told them that my arm was broken. I was doing my best to hold my arm together while I gave them the information that was needed to find my house!

The EMT’s were wonderful! They did the required testing of my vitals while trying to calm me. My husband was allowed to be in
the ambulance with me.

When we arrived at the hospital, a couple of nurses and, I believe, a doctor asked me questions about my condition, while they helped to keep me calm at the same time!

I was then wheeled into the emergency room and assigned a doctor and nurse. The nurse and other staff helped me with bodily needs, after which I was wheeled away to another area, where I was x-rayed in my right arm.

It took a while for the trauma team of excellent orthopedists to put my right arm into a cast because they had even worse cases to deal with. I was discharged a short while later! My husband, my son, and a close friend helped me to my son’s SUV, and soon I was home. What happened next? Part. 2 holds the answer. Next post!

After My Fall

Sunday, October 8th, 2017

It is hard to accept how our lives can change radically in less than a minute! You can be in fairly good health, independent and relatively happy 😊 one minute and then, all of a sudden, disaster strikes, and your life will never be quite the same again…or so it seems at that moment in time!

I learned that truth through bitter experience. Let me tell you about it in more detail!

It was very early Monday morning on October 2nd at 5:00 when I awoke kind of groggy, but in urgent need of using the restroom. I didn’t give myself time to fully wake up, and I didn’t put on the lights, secure that I knew the way even in the dark. Those were two tragic errors! I thought I was headed right towards the steps, but everything looked odd…probably because I was not fully awake.

But I quickly walked towards the lavatory in the dark, following the route I used for decades without a problem! But this time it was different. I was extra tired from my blood pressure medication and in too much of a hurry. The door to the bathroom was half open. I didn’t turn on any lights! So foolish! I thought I was just walking into my lavatory, but instead, I had shifted towards the right…where the steps are. You can easily imagine what happened next…

Next entry: What happened next?