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Winter in Autumn!

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

It’s hard to figure out what happened! Just a few weeks ago, the warm weather and glowing sunshine ☀️ permeated the eastern U.S. We all were getting accustomed to Indian summer and truly enjoying it. In fact, we were taking it all for granted, as though this summer-like weather would never end!

And then the frigid weather erupted! Winter winds and temperatures invaded the peaceful, often gentle breezes and warm temperatures. It was as though winter suddenly kidnaped us and didn’t want to let us go!!!

How long will we be prematurely in the throes of winter? How long before we are brought back to the more temperate autumn weather? Before we exchange the thirties and forties for the fifties and sixties?

I’m one of those optimists who believe that the weather will warm up and seem more like autumn again before the real winter weather begins! It’s just too early now! It is time to enjoy 😊 crisp, energizing weather, not frigid temperatures and snowflakes! Autumn, come back! We love ❤️ you and want you here until December 21st! I miss my Autumn 🍂 in New York!

Another Beautiful Day

Friday, November 10th, 2017

It doesn’t depend upon the weather. When you are feeling good 😊 inside, life reflects your feelings, and everything appears to be as lovely as it can be! So ultimately it depends upon you!

My father always told my sister and me that we had a choice in life when it came to our own happiness. He said that there were always at the least two ways that we can react to something. We can let it get us down or we can have a positive attitude. He said that it was up to us. It sounds simplistic at first, but, if you think about it, it makes sense and works for most people, the exceptions being those who have severe anxiety conditions or perhaps clinical depression. So, for the majority of us, it could be mind over matter.

For instance, take my situation as an example. I could be very depressed about the two fractures on my right arm. After all, it is a challenge to use only my left arm, but the more I try, the better able I am to do so many things! It is very difficult for the most part, but it does get easier the more I repeat certain everyday activities. Cooking is challenging and also washing pots, but I soak them in hot, soapy water, and in a few hours, it softens so much it can be washed with just one hand.

Tying my shoelaces is too difficult with one hand. So I either get my husband to help me or I wear loafers or a shoe with Velcro. There’s a solution as long as you have faith and a positive attitude.

I am convinced I will see my dad again in the Paradise that God promised us, and when that day ultimately comes, I will begin by thanking him for his inspirational attitude and encouragement that 😁 so greatly impacted my life. May God bless all of you who read this article with faith, trust, hope and a loving ❤️ attitude that reflects these attributes!

Back Again!

Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

Hi, my friends!

So nice to be back! I am still resting my right arm in a cast at the wrist and a brace at the humerus(bone from below the shoulder to the elbow). But I decided it was time to get back to my routine, and this website is an important part of that! So here I am! Hello and glad 😁 to be back!

Everyone at the hospital on that traumatic morning on October 2nd was so kind and helpful. I was glad that my husband and son were with me the whole time. I kept praying that everything would be all right… that my arm would heal properly, that I wouldn’t be in pain anymore and that my life would soon be back to normal.

I had to wait a few hours for a variety of tests to be taken. Then the team of trauma orthopedists were busy with another case or cases that were even worse than mine. I had to learn patience and self-control!

Finally, it was my turn! The doctors said they had not seen an injury like mine with two such fractures on one arm. But they wanted to try natural healing before surgery. So they put on a secure, heavy cast that I would wear for two weeks. I was then to return and have another set of casts put on. It was a little painful, but I knew whatever had to be done…had to be accepted with a prayer, if not a smile.

In a couple of weeks, I went back to take more X-rays and have a lighter cast put on at the wrist and a brace right below the shoulder.

I go back in two weeks for more x-rays and hopefully, the removal of the wrist cast. Hopefully, all will look good!

When you have a serious accident, you are first in shock and then extremely happy to be alive. You follow doctor’s orders and try as hard as you can to be cautious and make the right decisions in your everyday life!

Most of all, you are thankful for a second chance at life and want to use your time well! You are also so grateful for the doctors, your spouse, children and grandchildren, as well as other family and friends, who have given so much love, kindness and assistance of all kinds!