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There’s a Special Feeling in the Air…

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

December is a magical month, FIGURATIVELY speaking. It isn’t so much the holidays that people celebrate as it is the spirit that emerges when the heart of humanity is brought out! Why can’t it last beyond New Year’s?

Selfless acts of kindness, extra helpings of compassion and consideration, as well as a joy of giving that transcends the stress of running around and trying to adhere to old traditions in between working and attending to everyday mundane but very necessary activities! What if this feeling extended throughout the year!

Think about it! Throughout the winter, why not continue the wonderful spirit of giving? It doesn’t take money or a credit card! It just requires a 🎁 gift of time and energy!

It is a wonderful idea and a true blessing to run errands for the infirm and elderly, if you can fit it into your own busy schedule. When you help people with kindness and love when they really need it, they never forget it! You have no idea how much I appreciate those who helped me with shopping, cooking dinners, laundry, etc., after the accident I had a little over two months ago!

Friends also need to be encouraged and comforted! We can easily keep the inspiring posts coming! It doesn’t take much effort on our part to project positivity and wholesome, upbuilding thoughts, and it does help others who may be going through a rough patch or a sudden bump in the road of life!

We don’t have to rely upon a birthday or holiday to visit those we love 💕 or share a meal, either in the house 🏡 or at a restaurant! “Breaking bread” is, not only good for the tummy, but even better for the soul and spirit!

And why save only holiday time for donating to charities? Good people doing kind and needed things for others require help throughout the year! Don’t forget them after the New Year!

Many people send cards with beautiful pictures and lovely sentiments during the holidays! Why not send cards through Shutterfly, Vista, or your own creations throughout the year? relatives and friends…especially the older ones, appreciate your kindness and consideration. You don’t need a holiday or a birthday to communicate how much you care and want to share with those special people in your life!

Smiling at strangers, opening doors for others, saying “good morning” or “good afternoon” to those you take public transportation with or work with, may he the highlight of someone’s day, as sad as that may sound. Yes, sometimes, something seemingly simple on our part can brighten the life of someone who is depressed or lonely!

Be creative and extend the beautiful spirit many of us feel in this 😊 lovely month of December throughout the year! The power of Love ❤️ knows no boundaries or time or space. It lives in our hearts forever!