I haven’t posted on my blog for so long (over six weeks) that I almost forgot my own password! Now that is really bad, isn’t it? Well, at least I am writing today. Better late than never!

It has been an interesting month and a half. My marketing campaign is underway, and I will find out next week how I am doing in terms of sales. I hope my books will be in at least one or two physical bookstores before long. Of course, they are available online already, but my heart is set, so to speak, on the physical bookstores.

I have a well-written press release, which I have sent out to a number of local newspapers. I am hoping to gain exposure for my latest novel, “Just A Kiss,” from an article or review in one of these papers. I’ll keep you posted on that.

It is unfortunate that, regardless of how talented a person may be, it is still very difficult to have your writing out there for the public to read. Online stores and even physical bookstores may make the book available, but unless the publicity is good, the public does not really know that the book even exists. The writer has to be energetic, determined, persevering and knowledgeable in marketing and sales for the book to have even a modicum of success.

I just wanted you all to know that I am working on marketing and determined to get “Just A Kiss” out there so that the public can be aware of its existence. It is a fun book to read with substance. I know you will all enjoy it and identify with the main characters. I had a great time writing it…conceiving of the characters and working out the plot. Now my dream is to have as many people as possible read and enjoy it.

If you would like to purchase a copy, it is on Amazon, of course. You can also order the novel at the Xlibris bookstore. Call 1-888-795-4274 or e-mail at or go to the The ID number of the novel is 703802.

I would love feedback on it after you have read it. On Amazon you can write your own review once you have purchased and read it.

It was great blogging again. I won’t be a stranger again, and neither should you. Keep visiting the website. I’ll try to make it fun and worth your returning.

Until the next time,

Best wishes,


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  1. lod3425 says:

    I hope some of you will take the time out of your busy schedule to write to me and let me know how you are enjoying some of my books. I would love to hear from you! Remember that the majority of my books (fifteen of them) are available on Amazon and the most recent novel, “Just A Kiss,” is available on Xlibris. For more information on the rest of my books, look at “About the Book” on this website. Have a great weekend, folks!