Our main phone…the landline one…is out, probably as a result of the thunderstorm that we had in New York City last night. The technician will come tomorrow, but the representative from Verizon told us that there was probably a short in the system. Bottom line: they can’t come until tomorrow morning. So for one full day we are dependent on my cell phone.

Actually, I was pretty much stuck in the house today since my husband does not have a cell phone, and I didn’twant to leave him home alone with no phone. (It rhymes…”home alone with no phone” lol). With this hot summer weather, my husband does not venture outside much, except for local driving or a little walking. But if our phone were working, I would certainly have gone to see my granddaughter perform. However, good news: We will be going over to my step-son’s home in the next day or so, and we will see a video of her performance. It will almost be like having been there.

In today’s chapter of “Out Of My Dreams,” I will be giving background on Jake, the husband of my protagonist, Vivian. I will provide information to explain why Jake is so depressed and limited physically and emotionally. That should explain why Vivian cannot seriously consider leaving him. She is a loyal person, and her husband is exceptionally needy now. Leaving him in this condition would bring Vivian guilt with which she could not cope.

The third chapter, which I will write tomorrow (hopefully) will give the reader an idea of what Viv’s daydreams are like. You will certainly find that chapter especially interesting.

As they say, “time is awasting,” so I will say farewell for now. I want to write that second chapter (or as much of it as I can now and finish later tonight), eat dinner, water the lawn and perhaps decide to see my step-son and his family.

Stay well, visit tomorrow again and write a comment in the box provided after the post or at my special website for messages from you visitors to my website. Again, it is ch571324.

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