A Memorable Theme in “Escape From the Maelstrom”

Many significant themes run through my historical novel, “Escape From the Maelstrom.” I’m going to focus on just one today: the blessing of children and grandchildren in our lives.

I am especially focused on this theme because I am so thankful to be a step-mother and a grandmother to the three extraordinary children of my step-son and his wife. My late husband and I didn’t have children, and when I married again twenty-eight years ago, having a baby was considered too risky. So spending even a few years “mothering” my step-son and step-daughter before they grew up and moved out on their own was, although challenging at times, very special to me.

I had been hurt that I was never called “mom”, but I knew it was because the children’s mother was alive and an important part of their lives. It would have been difficult to call both their biological mom and me “mom.”

But when the grandchildren were born, I became an important part of their lives and them of mine. I was given the honor of being called “grandma”, and I loved the sound of it!

So you can see how children and grandchildren hold a very special place in my heart! My female protagonist, Karina, feels the same way.

Karina and her husband, (just like my late husband, Nick and me), never seemed to find the right time to start a family, and at the time that might have finally been right for them, Dimitri died. (In the same way, when Nick died, it was probably the last time I could have had a baby without undue risk.) Karina and I had a great deal in common. In this respect, it is a little autobiographical.

Karina’s sadness about not having had Dimitri’s and her baby depressed her greatly because she felt as though that were her last chance to be a mother. She was, not only distraught about losing Dimitri, but greatly saddened that there would be no little boy or girl that would be a part of both Dimitri and her, whom she could love and help her to keep connected to Dimitri and have the will to keep on going!

More about Karina’s loss and her state of mind in the next post!

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