Last Summer Memory From Long Ago

Since I want to make my summer nostalgia into a trilogy, I have been sitting here watching the fabulous annual Tony Awards and wondering what I should write about! There are many memories, of course,but I am choosing only one because I want my blogs to be diverse…and I don’t want to take the chance of boring and then losing my audience!

I remember how the summer parties at my grandparents’ rooming house meant the world to me! The July 4th party was exciting since it served as a beginning of the summer festivities,and the Labor Day party, amidst the fun and good food, permeated an undefinable sadness since it symbolized in a sense the end of the summer and a return to school and work…in other words, reality! So let’s examine those parties in more detail!

Both parties had a few fabulous things in common: great food and beverages to fit every age group! Now what kind of good food are we talking about?

Now I have always loved cold cuts! We had the best pastrami, corned beef, bologna, salami and turkey, which was arranged most attractively amid the freshest rye bread I ever tasted since we know how important presentation is!

And the pickles were so sour they nearly took my breath away! And what fantastic cole slaw and potato salad! So fresh and delicious. Many times, Grandma and some of the other great cooks made their own salads! During the afternoon preparation, I would watch the ladies washing and slicing the potatoes, adding the mayonnaise and the other delicious ingredients! It was hypnotizing for me to watch them add spices and stir, stir, stir! Wow! Was that a treat!

I vaguely remember a variety of pies, cookies and cake. Of course, there had to be coffee as well!

And how could I help remembering the dancing! We always had a live band, and, as little as I was, I still found the best dance partners: my dad, my uncle and my younger cousin, Dick!

One year I was sick and had to miss the Labot Day party. I felt as though my little heart would break as I heard the music and the laughter while I was up in my room and no part of it! My parents and sister would bring up some food and a soft drink while trying to comfort me with a hug and a kiss!

Then, the day after Labor Day, most of the summer boarders would get ready to leave! There was so much packing and loading of cars! It looked a little like a desert caravan to me, but, of course we were at the beach, surrounded by the ocean on one side and the bay on the other! So maybe that’s a marred comparison! LOL.

However, even though my parents, my sister and I stayed a few days extra to help with the closing of the summer house, it still made me cry to see so many of our friends go back to the city and their real lives, so to speak. I guess I mourned the unofficial end of summer!

Memories! We humans are so blessed by God to have them! Animals live only in the present, but we can live in any time period we want through our mind’s eye! We have the ability to remember!

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