My Teacher, My Conscience, My Dad…

If you are blessed to still have your dad, tell him how much you love and appreciate him …and tell him often, not just on Father’s Day! Ask those of us who have lost our fathers in death, and we will overwhelmingly agree! Our dads may not have been perfect (no one is!), but, to many of us, they came awfully close! And we miss them every day!

When I was already an adult and an English teacher by profession , I tearfully gave my father an essay that I had written about him, entitled “My Teacher, My Conscience, My dad.” At first, neither of us knew what to say, but then he read my essay, and he understood. He had tears in his eyes.

A good, loving father is a teacher as well, whether he knows it or not. We try to emulate our dads in so many ways. I respected my father’s strong work ethic, and all my life I have been a hard worker, too! My dad was a good provider, and he inspired me to be responsible and do my share of taking care of the bills and helping my family as best I can in every phase of my life. My father taught me to help others, to be respectful and kind. He also showed me how important it is to lighten up and have a good sense of humor. Dad always showed me the importance of having faith in God and loving Him and family.

Dad was a humanitarian in so many ways! He didn’t have millions of dollars to donate to charities, but he gave what he could; on an individual basis, he helped others. Dad showed me how important it is to care about people, to treat them with dignity and do what I can to make their lives happier, if only by a sincere smile and a cheerful hello. He showed me that it was important to put others ahead of myself and to be there to inspire others rather than concentrating on my own problems.

My dad was a wonderful father in every sense of the word. He was always there for me, no matter what! When I needed it, he gave me gentle love and kindness, but at other times, he knew that I needed tough love, and he administered that, too. When I had some problems in college, he took a seven-hour ride to be there for me! He always made me feel special, capable and very much loved!

I don’t have the actual essay I gave my dad msny years ago, but I have included the essence of it in this blog! Don’t wait to say heart-felt things about your dad until he is no longer with you! Tell him now and show him the affection he deserves! Visit him, not only on Father’s Day, but whenever you can! If you don’t have time, then make time! And if your dad has already passed, pray to God that you will one day see him in the Resurrection and tell him these wonderful things yourself!

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