Remembering the Good,Old Days…

Somehow, things never seem as good as they once were when we were young! We remember the food as fresher, tastier and more succulent. Soft drinks were more refreshing, and activities were more exciting! It’s probably not that everything has changed that much. It is more that our perception of things is altered as we get older. The past looks a lot better than it actually was!

Isn’t it true that every new experience is exciting and sometimes even mindboggling to a young person, especially a small child? Most likely, that is because children, especially, but even teens, to a certain extent, are like blank pages that life is constantly writing upon.

Therefore, when we get older, we remember aspects of our lives as they appeared to us then. They are probably so much brighter, fun-filled and more exciting than they actually were! I guess that applies to my memories of summers,too! And probably your bits of nostalgia as well.

But I nevertheless remember with joy how my dad got our family out of the sweltering heat of Brooklyn each summer in exchange for cool nights and days at my grandmother’s summer rooming house in Rockaway Beach. Joy was looking forward to the beach almost every day, parties, excursions to our favorite amusement park, Playland, and games of various kinds, including Mah Jong, with relatives and newfound friends.

Old-fashioned summers also included childhood innocence, sweet daydreams, and a healthy and strong body that allowed me to move more nimbly than I have in years. There were carefree days and evenings that never seemed to end, and wonderful adventures that only children can appreciate!

Being a woman of faith, I can see myself with friends and relatives one day in a simply beautiful place where innocence and sweetness are the norms, life everlasting is filled with a balance of work and fun, and we can run with the strength and endurance of our best childhood memories! Yes, a strong, youthful body, along with wisdom and vigor…and wonderful people to share it with, peace and the justice that only God’s blessed kingdom can provide: this is the best of my summer memories in the every day reality of an eternal paradise! And it is not a dream! All this is promised to us in the Bible in Psalm 37 and Isaiah, to name just a couple of Bible books!

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