The Unofficial End of Summer

In two weeks it will be Labor Day, the unofficial end of Summer. I can’t help asking the same question that most people do at just this time of the year: where did the summer go?…

Now I remember distinctly June 21st, the first day of summer. I was so happy when I woke up, knowing that it would be the longest day of the year, and it would bring in ten weeks of warm, mostly beautiful weather with a variety of exciting activities, including swimming, tennis, golf and, of course, gardening! Two special people in my life were even born on that date!

July 4th came and went so quickly with the delicious barbecues and the companionship of the people who mean so much to us! Some of us went on vacation while others stayed home and spent time in our pools or went to local beaches.

The weeks that followed during this summer brought in many lovely days and breezy nights, but also several heat waves! We got through it all: the good and the bad, just as we always do, through faith, endurance, prayer and hope for the future.

Now the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, lies before us! Most of us look forward to a super barbecue with those who are closest to us. But we also feel an element of sadness because everyone loves vacation time, and, since childhood, isn’t that what we associate with summer?

What am I thinking about as Labor Day is rapidly approaching? I remember the numerous Labor Days when, I, as a child, spent the summer vacations with my parents, grandparents and extended family at Rockaway Beach, Queens, at my grandparents’ rooming house. Labor Day meant an end-of-the-season summer party with a live band and delicious, catered refreshments. A summer boarder by the name of Mr. Borden collected money from each of the other summer residents so as to have enough to feed us all at this spectacular get-together.

Yes, it was an amazing get- together each Labor Day. I remember how we all danced the night away in between eating, drinking soft drinks, laughing and talking.

So, with those splendid memories dancing together in my head, I bravely and even cheerfully anticipate both the unofficial and the official end of summer about two weeks after Labor Day!

Each year I grow more sure of the knowledge that the future holds something very special to which to look forward. Each season brings us closer to that time!

So the end of summer is not a time to make us feel depressed! It is instead a time to look forward to what comes next… in terms of the seasons…Autumn and beyond that, winter, summer and God’s Kingdom! So yes, bring it on!

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