Comments After Viewing the Solar Eclipse in Various States

Some complain about television, but no one can deny that it can be, not only very entertaining, but quite educational as well! Today, we couldn’t thank the CEO’s of channels 7 and 2 enough for their broadcasting two hours of amazing information and actual photos of the celestial phenomenon we have been awaiting for months! August 21, 2017 has been a most special day! Imagine seeing a total eclipse from the comfort and safety of your own home!

I could not believe that I could actually see pictures of the moon covering the sun and seeing total darkness in several states as a result, including Illinois, Oregon, Kentucky, Idaho, South Carolina and even Washington, D. C. I took countless pictures and posted them on Facebook. I want to save several of these pictures so that I can remember this absolutely magical day!

Life may be very challenging, and people may often be at odds with one another and feel alienated, but at a time like this, whrn we live in an era of advanced technology and scientific advances often beyond the average person’s comprehension, we realize that the world has become so much smaller and people so much closer! I felt that closeness today , and I am sure I’m not the only

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