A Wonderful Preview of Fall

What a wonderful change! From exceedingly hot, humid weather on Tuesday to a long and comfortable stretch of below average weather for the rest of August and hopefully well beyond! It’s still going to be warm in the afternoons, but not hot, moist and humid! Instead, just right!

I know that some people like it, not just warm, but really hot! I was never in that category! I always liked 75 degree weather in the afternoon with a refreshing breeze and in the 60’s in the evening and maybe a tad cooler in early morning!

Wouldn’t it be amazing not to have the AC on every night, but to open all the windows and let the fresh air come in? We’ll be able to experience all of this in the next week or so and perhaps even longer.

Don’t get me wrong, though! When it’s really hot, I appreciate every moment the AC is on, but I can’t help praying for cooler, more refreshing temperatures, just like we are promised during the weeks ahead of us!

I guess I’m of the philosophy that happiness and cool, refreshing weather go together! Bring it on, Autumn! We’ll be seeing you very soon!

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