Five Good Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

An intrinsic part of our human instinct is to anticipate the future. We often project either our desires or our insecurities into future events, depending upon our personalities. Optimistic, positive people usually see the best that lies ahead. Pessimistic, negative folks often see the worst possible scenario. What do you think the Autumn has in store for you? And why do you believe that some of us love the Fall and others dread its coming? Let’s explore all the possibilities!

I’m sure that I’m not alone in my love of all the beautiful colors of Autumn! Yes, the reawakening of nature in Spring also brings forth gorgeous colors and summer is filled with bright, vivid hues of flowers and plants as well! But every color in the fall, especially the trees, is extra vibrant, perhaps because nature is ready to go to sleep as winter approaches.

Whatever the reason, nature seems to explode with a profusion of amazing colors! Just taking walks, wherever we happen to live, but especially in the country, brings us unparalleled joy! Picking up the loveliest of the leaves as they fall from the trees is an Autumn pastime, and not only for children! All kinds of crafts can emanate from nature’s gift of leaves in extraordinary color! Many of these creative projects turn into special personal masterpieces that we savor long after!

Autumn means pumpkins in huge numbers! Pumpkins are not only used in large quantities by those who celebrate Halloween. Not at all! So many of us enjoy pumpkin pie, bread and muffins. We also create non-seasonal crafts, which we enjoy throughout all the seasons!

In the Fall many of us go apple picking! It’s as much fun for the adults as it is for the children, for we sojourn with nature at the same time that we pick the choicest apples!

The Autumn means cooler, more comfortable weather in the 60’s and 70’s! It is actually my kind of weather but certainly not mine alone. Most people like a break from the sultry summer weather, including high temperatures and, unfortunately, humidity to match!

Another part of Autumn that most of us love is Octoberfest! All over, there are festivities including great food, exhibits, crafts and other activities! For me, Octoberfest is most fun right here on Long Island! I have enjoyed it especially over the years in Cold Spring Harbor, but Octoberfest is great all over the Island!

Speaking as a retired English teacher, I strongly feel that returning to school and work, although an adjustment after vacation, is a good thing in the long run! I loved the creativity of my teaching position, and I enjoyed teaching and interacting with my students. I took pride in helping my students to learn and mature!

Whatever one’s job, returning to a structured lifestyle is important to the heart and mind! Most jobs offer some intellectual stimulation and creativity! Even youngsters look forward to the excitement of a new school year, although they would never admit it! New teachers, a new curriculum and even new school supplies are exciting!

So when Labor Day weekend comes and goes, all the fun is not over by far! The official coming of Autumn is in less than a month! Look forward to it! Actually, when September 21st arrives, the fun and games, so to speak, will just be beginning!

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