Advice From A Retired Teacher

I wrote this blog post three years ago when my oldest grandchild, Alexis, entered high school, but now I dedicate it to every young person entering his/her freshman year next week! It was entitled”An Open Letter to All the Young People Who, Like My Granddaughter, Alexis, Are Entering High School Today…”

“Yes, you are a high school freshman now. The day has finally arrived. You are excited, nervous, joyful, frightened and confident, seemingly all at the same time. What will happen when the doors open, and you walk inside?

“It seens overwhelming to begin a new phase of your life, but it is also wonderfully thrilling. What will the future hold!

“Life is change. Without change, life becomes stagnant and dull. If we don’t go forward, we invariable go backward. So welcome the future and try new things. Work hard at your classes, but also take advantage of elective classes and extra-curricular activities that are offered after school. Make new friends and enjoy their companionship. Look forward each day to the special moments that await you, moments that are unique and will not be repeated.

“Embrace each new opportunity, and allow faith and hope to erase fear. Remember most of all how much you are loved and appreciated by God, your parents, the rest of your family and your friends!”

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