Autumn is Coming!

First, I would like to say that I have been shocked at the severity of first, Hurricane Harvey, and then its even more horrific sister storm, Hurricane Irma! So much flooding, devastation in the Islands, Cuba, and Florida! It is unimaginable that two hurricanes could cause so much destruction!

Our prayers are with all those who are dealing with the aftermath of this brutal, horrific weather and also with the families of those who have died as a result of these monster hurricanes!

Hurricane season lasts through November, unfortunately! Let us pray that there are no more monstrous storms like Harvey and Irma! People have suffered enough this season by the merciless hands of the dark side of nature!

Let’s move onto a subject that is much lighter but is still connected with weather! Autumn is coming!

In ten days it will be officially autumn! I know it is hard to say farewell to summer in just over a week, but Autumn is such a rich, vibrant season, and for many of us, the slightly cooler temperatures will mean more lively walks, lots of 🍎 apple picking, finally sitting outside comfortably and enjoying the rich, beautiful colors and even the flowers that bloom just at this time (Montauk daisies,among them)!

Moving forward and enjoying it! Come along and enjoy it, too!

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