Hurricanes! Hurricanes…and More Hurricanes! Why…Oh, Why!

Yes, this is the middle of hurricane season! It lasts until the end of November, unfortunately! Still, I can’t help hoping that Hurricane Maria is the last for 2017!

As long as I can remember, hurricanes have been a part of my life! After all, my grandparents and Uncle owned a summer rooming house in Rockaway Beach, New York on 66th Street, a block away from the beach. At the end of summer, right around Labor Day, the threat of hurricane activity would be in the air!

But hurricanes in the 1950’s, as I remember, were not nearly as violent and destructive as they are today. I don’t remember any hurricanes as powerful and downright cruel as Harvey, Irma and Maria. I have no memories at all of roofs caving in, houses obliterated, much less the loss of hundreds of lives. But I was young then, making it possible that I had a selective memory, a condition of which most children are guilty. Yet, I still feel strongly that hurricanes then were nothing like hurricanes now!

But I do remember one summer’s day before a hurricane was predicted. Dad, who loved the water almost as much as the fish do, decided to take my sister and me with him for an early morning swim. The waves were not turbulent. In fact, the water seemed calm…and the hurricane wasn’t predicted until the next day.

So I ran towards the water with my sister and dad right beside me! I did my usual attempt to ride the waves and, at first everything went extremely well. I floated and swam. But I didn’t know much about the existence of rip tides at that stage of my life…not until I landed in one that morning.

The depth of the ocean floor seemed to go from a level at which I could even stand to several feet taller than I. I wasn’t a strong enough swimmer to know what to do! I panicked and prayed until, Thank God, I managed to move towards shore. I still attribute my salvation to divine intervention, although many would disagree with that conclusion, I am certain!

But hurricanes today are destructive forces to be viewed with a healthy fear! We pray for all those seriously impacted with any of these hurricanes and pray for their continued faith, inner strength and positivity in order to deal with all the challenges now and ahead. After all, five years later, many victims of Hurricane Sandy are still suffering from the effects of that hurricane!

Since I was a child, the number of hurricanes I have seen or heard about have exhausted the 26 letters of the alphabet many times over. But they do seem to be getting worse and worse! Does that imply that the end of this challenging system of things is near, along with the beginning of God’s Kingdom! The Bible supports this theory, and it certainly has convinced me! What about you? Time will tell, as it always does, but for now, let’s hope that the hurricane season of 2017 ends early!

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