On the Brink of 🍂 Autumn!

I know it seems a bit confusing to welcome autumn with the temperatures in the 80’s and summer still in the air … showing no signs of wanting to leave! On this Sunday and Monday, the temperature may hit almost 90 degrees! But it will still be the start of autumn 🍂 in the late afternoon today…about 4:15 P.M. And, yes, autumn will remain until December 21st!

Why is it hard to say goodbye to summer? If we look deeply into our souls, we can see that, for most of us, summer is synonymous with fun, vacation time, time away from work, adventure, more quality time with our families, flowers 🌺 of all kinds, rich, healthy plants, hobbies, and all kinds of recreation! So it is understandable that it is not easy to let summer go!

But autumn 🍂 is very pleasant, too! Think about it a moment! Your favorite flowers 🌺 and plants usually live through November if the weather remains relatively warm…as it generally does…!

The trees very slowly lose their leaves, which change into intense shades of burgundy, orange, yellow , brown and tan before they caress the ground. Pumpkins of all sizes are available, and who doesn’t enjoy pumpkin pies, cakes, bread, and even pumpkin-flavored specialty drinks at our favorite cafes?

Once autumn is truly underway, the temperatures are more comfortable than in the summertime. We are ready to go 🍎-picking and enjoy walking through the amazing orchards. It is a great time to visit the Botanical Gardens and the local zoos or those, where we can feed and pet the domesticated animals.

There are a variety of activities for children and adults. Most of us look forward to Octoberfest, which various communities celebrate and go all-out to show us a fun time.

For many people, there are various holidays that they celebrate with their ❤️ loved ones! Sitting near the fireplace on chilly nights is comforting, especially with your significant other or spouse right there by your side! As the weather gets cooler, and there is more night than day, there are moments that are very cozy and comforting. Some even long for the snow when it first appears…sometimes as early as December…and covers the ground with a blanket of pure, white beauty.

Yes, it is normal to take some time to, in a sense, mourn the end of summer, but we invariably accept the fact that change is often good. The transition of the seasons brings us fresh experiences, new friends and unexpected opportunities!

So embrace the autumn! Welcome her arrival and enjoy her with every new experience each and every day!

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