Love 💗 and Remarriage: Part 11

Is it too soon for Aleksandra and Feodor, the principal characters in my historical novel, “Escape From the Maelstrom,” to seriously proceed in their romantic relationship? There has been no closure for Aleksandra, and she has not allowed herself to go through any of the stages of grief. Yet, she has found herself connected emotionally to Feodor Daletsky. So what happens next?

Feodor refuses to be dictated to by his grandson or anyone else in regard to his personal relationships. Therefore, he confronts his son, Anatoli, and his grandson, Akek, when they return from work that day. Let’s listen in!

“When Feodor found his son and grandson a short time later, Alek apparently had no choice but to tell them both who he really was and why I was really staying at their home. The news brought out even more love in Feodor but made Anatoli very nervous.”

Alek warns his father and grandfather that no one can divulge the information that they were just given or they would all be at risk, but especially Aleksandra. They both agree.

“A man must do what he must do,” Alek said. “My country is being destroyed by both the Czar and the Bolsheviks. My contacts and I are fighting for a free Homeland for Russia in our own way.”

Then Anatoli says what is in his heart.

“In one way I am proud of you for your idealism, but in another more practical way, I fear for your life and possibly that of the rest of our family as well,” Anatoli said.

“‘Not if we each make a private vow of silence. Those of us who are fighting for a free homeland are true to one another, even unto death.’”

“Then you can expect nothing less of us,” Anatolia said.

“Yes,” Feodor agreed.

“‘And, if you are in love with Aleksandra, Grandfather, and she feels the same way about you, we cannot stop you,’ Alek said, ‘but when she goes to America, it is best that you go with her. You see, if you leave with Aleksandra, people will think that just the two of you were in a conspiracy together, and the rest of us were not involved. Then, later on, arrangements will be made to get the women out and you, too, Father,’ he said to Anatoli.”

Does Aleksandra feel the same way? Is there a marriage in the future of Aleksandra and Feodor? Can they possibly get married when Just a few months before, Aleksandra’s husband was murdered by the Romanovs’ henchmen?

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