Love 💗 and Remarriage : Part 10

Although it often ends in frustration or much worse when a bereaved widow/ widower embarks upon a new relationship too soon after a spouse’s death, sometimes, the ending is more hopeful. It might not be a blind alley like marrying on the rebound or acting out of total desperation.

Although it is rare, a relationship that begins before the bereaved goes through the stages of grief can still possibly work. Two people who are depressed and at risk after losing the love 💗 of their lives can at times find consolation and security in another person who has gone through the same thing. Add chemistry and compatibility..and, who knows!

Maybe, it’s one in a million, but such a relationship could work! Who am I to say it is totally impossible? But I don’t recommend it, and I’m sure the majority of professionals (and others) would agree!

But in the case of Aleksandra and Feodor in my novel, “Escape From the Maelstrom,” there seems to be a chance that their relationship may lead to something real. Let’s see what happens!

In my last post we learned that the relationship between Aleksandra and Feodor was getting too intense. Although there was nothing physical yet in their friendship, the emotional attachment between the two was getting stronger and stronger.

Everyone in the Daletsky family from Feodor’s son, grandson, daughter-in-law and two teen-age granddaughters could not miss seeing the looks between their grandfather and Aleksandra as well as Feodor’s infamous winks at the lady. Alek, the grandson who was the family connection with the underground movement for a free Russia, had a talk with Aleksandra to ask her to please end the relationship with his grandfather before it left both of them broken-hearted.

Aleksandra, visibly shaken by the “talk,” decided to see Feodor only when others were present and to hide her true feelings. Months went by until one day Feodor had to find out what was going on and express his true feelings.

In Chapter twenty-two of “Escape From the Maelstrom,” Feodor enters the parlor where Aleksandra is playing the piano. What follows is part of their conversation.

“‘I have a feeling that Alek or his father said something to you to make you avoid me, Aleksandra. You have no time for me anymore, and I have so treasured our friendship.’

“‘My responsibilities at school have left me with little time for anything else, Feodor.’

“‘I know that you are busy, yes, but there is something more to it than just that, and I intend to get to the bottom of it, Aleksandra. As soon as Anatoli and Alek get home, I will have a talk with them, but until then I will do something that I have wanted to do for a very long time.’ Before I could even move, he twirled me around and looked into my eyes tenderly. His deep brown eyes were not merely kind, but warm and sensual. ‘Perhaps, I should not take this liberty,’ he said, ‘but I will, and it is not out of disrespect, my dear Aleksandra, but because I think I am falling in love with you.’”

“Before I could say a word to reason with him, he took me into his arms and kissed me in much the way that Dimitri did when we were first courting, and all our lives seemed to loom before us. I felt so protected and loved that I begged in my heart for the kiss never to end.”

Would the relationship between Aleksandra and Feodor be among the few that could work, even under such bizarre circumstances? The next post will shed some light on this subject!

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