Love and Remarriage. Part 13

Today we can finally talk about the joyful moments of the relationship between Aleksandra and Feodor. There will be some happy, very positive excerpts that clearly show their intense love 💗 for one another!

Let’s listen in to some happy 😆 moments in the lives of a man and a woman in love. First, we can see how Aleksandra feels.

“Everything felt different now. When I looked at Feodor, I saw my future husband, and my heart ♥️ filled with love. Just being near him, I felt more stimulated and alive than I could ever have believed possible. He made me feel that there was a strong possibility that my story would have a happy ending. In addition,I felt like part of a real family, and I even had hope that one day I could have my own child. Stranger things than that had happened, I told myself.

“When school was over the next day, Feodor was waiting outside to walk the girls and me home. We stopped at a country store for ice cream, and the four of us laughed as we attacked our sweet treats with abandon. I was at ease with all the Daletsky family, for I now felt as though I were one of them. Before long, I would be Feodor’s wife and a step-grandmother to Katya and Elena. I would be a mother-in-law to Agnessa , a step-grandmother to Anatoli, and Alek would be my step-grandson.”

A last excerpt for today is taken from a picnic at which Aleksandra and Feodor learned more about each other and got even closer.

Feodor was getting excited about politics, and Aleksandra is worried about him.

“Is it good for you to become so zealous, Feodor? Your enthusiasm could be bad for your health.”

“The excitement within me keeps me young and alive,” he said. “Wanting to kiss you so much, for instance, makes the blood flow smoother and stronger.”

“I see,” I said, smiling. “I help to keep you alive,” I said. “What a wonderful role in life for me to have!” I said, starting to laugh.

“Don’t make light of it, sweetheart. Those five years between my losing Nadya and finding you were incredibly harsh and depressing. I think it’s the loneliness and cruelty of life that kills people off long before their time.”

“I know, Feodor. ”Before I met you, I was headed towards disaster. The mourning, fear and tension were enough to tear the life right out of me.”

“But I did come along for you, Aleksandra, and you for me. I believe God brought us together to save one another.”

“Then no more talk of aristocrats or communists. Just talk of love and then let’s do plenty of eating. The food is calling, Feodor. It is so delicious. Agnessa helped me. We worked for a couple of hours preparing everything. There is even wine,” I said.

“You are so right. Today, we will eat and drink and talk of love and the future we will share. We will take a walk along the beach and pass around the beach ball we brought with us. And anything the least bit sad or thought-provoking will be off limits for us, a man and a woman in love. Is that right, my dear?”

“My answer was just a long and passionate kiss on his lips, a squeeze of his hand and then a hug that revealed all the love in my heart.”

More on my next post!

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