Love 💗 and Remarriage: Post #14

Aleksandra and Feodor had been happy 😊 for months until something finally happened to destroy their peace as well as that of the whole Daletsky family. There are always people who want to stir the pot, especially when a happy 😆 couple is in front of them and they envy their loving relationship. An example of such a gossiping, jealous busybody is Mrs. Gubin in my novel, “Escape From the Maelstrom.” She makes some incriminating comments at the first community picnic that Aleksandra attends.

“The next morning , Feodor, Anatoli and Alek walked into town to collect the table and chairs they had left at the rabbi’s house the night before. The men were noticeably nervous when they came back to the rooming house. I could not imagine what the problem was.

“Agnessa immediately reacted.

“‘What is going on?’ she asked. ‘You all look as though you just saw a ghost!’

“‘It could be much worse than that,’” Alek said. ‘There were questions about Aleksandra, according to Rabbi Anelex. Some of the neighbors made incriminating comments.’

“ ‘Like what?’ I asked, starting to panic. Feodor, who seemed to notice any nuance of my emotional state, came to my side immediately and held my hand.

“‘It’s nothing to get excited about, my dear,’Feodor said gently. It’s just that some nosy neighbors speculated that there might be a connection between your arriving in our village and the missing widow of that distant relative of the Romanovs that they had read about in the paper. Mrs. Gubin, in particular,commented that your description matched the woman’s to a tee.’

“Before I could even speak, Agnessa asked Feodor, ‘So what did you say, Papa?’

“‘I calmly explained that hundreds of thousands of Russian women could match that description. I also told her that widows who are of this woman’s age often leave their place of residence and permanently move in order to start a new life. I said, ‘Mrs. Rubin, do you suspect every woman in her 40s who have left Moscow in the last few months!’

“‘And how did she react to your question?’ I asked.

“She was quiet at first as though contemplating what I had said,’ Feodor began. ‘Then she said she was sorry that she had jumped to to conclusions that were not really substantiated by the facts. I accepted her apology, and that was the end of it.’

“‘For the time,’ I said.

“‘Yes, for the time,’ Alek repeated.

“‘That is why we think it would be best for you and my father to get married as soon as podsible,’ Anatoli said. ‘Rabbi Abelev agreed to perform a private ceremony as soon as you and Papa are ready. It would be best if you two emigrated to America as soon as Alek’s connections can arrange it.’

“‘Feodor was still by my side, holding my clammy, shaking hand.

‘Will you marry me, Aleksandra, and go to America with me?’ he asked, getting down in one knee?’

“I looked at Feodor and then at the rest of the family before I replied as proudly and confidently as I could. ‘I would be honored to be your wife,’ I said, ‘and my dream had always been to start anew in a land of freedom.’

“‘I just happen to have a ring here,’ Feodor said,smiling. ‘I was going to propose over dinner one night, but this is as good s time as any. When we have been in Americs for a while, and I become a rich tycoon, I will buy you a bigger diamond, but I do hope you like the ring, at least for now.’ He looked so appealing that my heart went out to him.

“‘It is beautiful,’ I said,starting to cry. ‘I wouldn’t want anything else, Feodor.’

“‘Then Feodor held me in his arms as he kissed me lovingly in front of the family. I remember feeling safe and secure in his arms as the family clapped in joy and celebration.”

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