Love 💗 and Remarriage: Part 15

The end of the series, “Love and Remarriage,” based upon my novel of intrigue in Czarist Russia, (entitled “Escape From the Maelstrom”, ) is now impending! If all the previous posts in this series haven’t pushed you to read the novel in its entirety, I am sure this last post will! I leave you with quite a cliffhanger, as you will soon see!

In step with the proceedings of the last post, two private marriages have taken place in Rabbi Abelev’s study. As we remember, Aleksandra and Feodor, now husband and wife, should be getting ready to immigrate to America. How are things going?

Let’s listen in as final plans are made.

“Alek told Feodor and me that he could not make plans for our emigration until the end of November. A date was finally set for the last Thursday evening in the month. We would leave via the Black Sea in a fishing boat,and then we would change boats at a port in close proximity. Finally, at another port we would board a larger ship that would take us to our final destination: Ellis Island, America. I was overjoyed that we would be leaving relatively soon.

“On the night before we were scheduled to leave Odessa, Alek told us to meet with the rest of our family in the parlor. When I heard the news, I looked nervously at Feodor,but he held my hand in his as he smiled at me. ‘It is all right, my dear, ‘ he said. ‘There is nothing for you to fear. I will be with you to comfort you, and our love will make us strong.’ As he squeezed my hand and winked at me, I felt more secure.

“When we all assembled in the parlor, Alek started to speak.

“‘My contacts have suggested that Katya and Elena leave Odessa with Grandfather and our new step-grandmother,’ he said, looking at Feodor and me. When we looked shocked at what he just said, Alek went on to explain. ‘When Grandfather and Aleksandra leave Odessa, it is inevitable that the rest of us will be seriously investigated by the authorities. My contacts and I believe that it will be too much for these young women to endure. For their own safety and that of the rest of us, it is best that they emigrate to America, too.’”

“‘What about Mother?’ Katya asked immediately. ‘It will not be safe for her to remain here, either.’

“‘We cannot go without our mother and father,’ Elena stated emphatically.

“Agnessa had tears in her eyes as she said, ‘I am strong and well-versed in the ways of our Czarist persecutors. I will be fine,’ she said firmly. ‘When you girls go, Grandfather and Aleksandra will take good care of you until we can emigrate, too, and the family will be reunited. Maybe one day Aunt Galina and Uncle Grigori will join us, too,’ she added, gazing for a moment at her sister-in-law and-brother-in-law, whose expressions remained emotionless. ‘Our separation will not be long, Alek tells us, and it is something we must do, my beautiful daughters.’”

You readers can only imagine how Katya and Elena reacted to this shocking news. How could they leave their parents? Then Alek explains what they will have to tell the authorities when there is an investigation after Aleksandra, Feodor and the young women leave Odessa.

“‘We will have to tell them that we were taken in by Aleksandra’s lies to us. We will say that we were misled by an immoral, unethical woman , for whom we mistakenly felt pity and compassion. We will be relentless when it comes to your past and your character,’ Alek continued, ‘Whatever lies about you we will have to tell are necessary to protect all of us. Although we know the truth about you, Aleksandra, the good woman that you really are, and the suffering that you and Dimitri had to endure, we must be good actors and pretend to hate you and accuse you of betraying us and convincing us to allow you to take my sisters away from us…. We will all declare under oath , if necessary, that we knew nothing of your past, and that we are as shocked at your leaving Russia as the rest of the community. And as far as Grandfather, we will testify that he was a victim of his own loneliness and innocence when he got involved with Aleksandra.’”

“‘So I will be portrayed as an old fool and all blame will be placed on my Aleksandra,’ Feodor said quietly.

“‘That is the only way, Grandfather,’Alek said.”

What a shocking change of plans! But there is more. I can tell you only a little more.

On the next evening when Aleksandra, Feodor and the girls are scheduled to leave, Alek tells them that there is to be a final change. Alek’s new wife, Catarina, daughter of the Rabbi and his wife, will join Aleksandra and the girls while Feodor will have to remain in Odessa. Only the four women will be allowed to leave!

Feodor’s reaction is the most emotional tirade in the novel! Does he ultimately accept the final decision of Alek and his contacts? Do the women arrive safely in Anerica and fend for themselves While they are there? Id there a new character who will emerge and help them? Finally, will the Daletsky family ever be reunited?

I promise that you will discover all the answers when you read the novel. It is available online at or You can also call the Red Lead Bookstore at 1-800-788-7654.

Grab a copy! The book is well worth reading! You will enjoy it!

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