Hoping You Had A Beautiful day!

I hope you all had a lovely 😊 weekend and enjoyed many wonderful moments with family and friends.

God has put certain people in our lives for various reasons. I believe everyone who has emotionally touched us in life has been there for a purpose.

Moms are, of course, to be celebrated every day, but sometimes , in the stresses of everyday life, we forget for a little while the special people who bring joy, comfort and love 💕 into our lives on a daily basis. But it is important, after the problems have been solved, at least temporarily, and the struggles have abated and allowed us time for meditation, that we gives thanks to God for blessing us with selfless people in our lives that help us, not only to endure, but to thrive! They are our moms, dads, grandparents, other family members, good friends, and so many others who are in the mainstream of our lives or even there on the fringes!

Bless them all today and every day, for God has placed them in our lives to help, comfort, guide and love 💗 us! That is their gift to us, and we want to pass it forward and bestow a special gift of love, hope and comfort, not only upon them, but upon all others whom we meet in our life’s Journey.

May your day be blessed with joy and opportunities to help others who need you!

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