Reflections on This Memorial weekend

There is a lot to think about this holiday weekend. On Saturday the weather was near-perfect, especially if we like it hot! And it was just that…nearly 90 degrees!

Yesterday, Sunday, it was raining off and on, damp throughout, and kind of dreary! But I’ve learned that we have to find peace and happiness within ourselves, not be dependent upon outside factors like the weather! Then, we can be secure and content at all times!

Although it is pleasant to spend this holiday, like any other, with friends and/or family, sometimes, that is not possible. So, if you are alone, be good company to yourself! Eat well, go to a special event or even a movie 🍿 that you’ve wanted to see, but previously, did not have the time to see! Try not to confuse loneliness with being alone. Sometimes, we are our own best company. There are those moments when it is even healthy to take a break from others and forge our own way.

Today, Memorial Day, is supposed to start off with clouds, but transition into a beautiful day…perfect for all those outdoor barbecues and family/friends get-togethers. So there is quite a lot to be thankful for, even weather-wise!

But what else is pleasant to reflect upon this weekend? Let’s delve deeply into our hearts and see!

Memorial Day honors those veterans who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. It is a day to reflect upon the sanctity of life and the courage of those who put their life on the line for others.

At this time we also unofficially welcome summer. We look forward to vacations, on which we may be introduced to new people and experiences, warm weather, more participation in sports and getting out more.

Just like all students who tingle with excitement on the last day of school, even as adults, there is something magical about the coming of summer. Adventure, new experiences, delicious foods await us! So many good things are right down the road. Memorial weekend gives us a taste of what is to come, and it is good!

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