is the day one of my Novels: “33’s Theo”

As you all know, I love to write! I have written 17 books, only two of which I have not published. But each book is special to me in many ways! Now is my opportunity to tell you about “33’s Theo.”

I wrote this in memory of a special friend whom I met during a summer studying at Harvard, where I took two challenging courses in order to graduate earlier from my own college, Cortland State. During that summer I met a charismatic and handsome electrical engineer at a Harvard mixer. I was only twenty, and he was several years older. But an age difference didn’t bother either of us! After all, four years later, when I married my first husband, Nicky, there was the same thirteen year age difference. I guess that I liked older men! Lol Lol

Anyway, long after the charming engineer, George, and I broke up, I thought about him and his unique qualities: his sharp wit, high intelligence, cute personality, good looks… and the way he frequently talked about his ham radio! He was my first love, and I felt that I had to include him in one of my novels. In my novel, “33’s Theo,” Teddy, the grandfather, is George’s character. He has recently passed in the story, and the main character of the novel is his son, Ben.

But Teddy, the character based upon my old friend, George, has also impacted the other characters to an incredible degree…so he is indispensable to the plot and general dynamics of the book, even though he has died before the novel begins! An interesting idea… right?

And, of course, it all is connected to a ham radio that is in the basement of a house in Martha’s Vineyard that the main female character, Shelly, and her friend, Susan, are 🏠 house-sitting for a friend of Susan’s. I’m not giving away how the ham radio leads Shelly and Susan to Ben and his family. But I will include here a couple of excerpts from the novel, which I entitled “33’s Theo.” “33” refers to 1933 when Teddy first received the ham radio when he was a little boy, and “Theo” is short for Theodore, George’s character in the novel.

Now for the two excerpts:

This first excerpt on page 28 shows how Shelly and Susan first met Teddy’s daughter and her children.

“When the door finally opened, an attractive young woman with reddish-brown hair and large blue eyes smiled and invited the women in.

“I’m Teddi, Ben’s daughter,” she said pleasantly, “and these are my children” she added, pointing first to a handsome little boy, dressed in navy shorts and a bright red ‘Thomas’ shirt, and then to two adorable girls , who were apparently older and identical twins. “This little train enthusiast is Andrew, and the twins are Amanda and Angela. It may seem difficult to tell them apart now, but before long, you won’t have a problem. Angie’s hair is an inch longer, and she can’t stop talking.”

p. 29. This one shows you how Shelly, Susan and Ben first meet.

“Ben smiled. His deep brown eyes strikingly reminded Shelly of the dear friend she had known forty-five years ago when when she was just a young and very naive twenty year-old visiting Harvard for the summer and taking courses in Shakespeare and modern poetry. But the hair was different. Ben’s light brown hair was a little on the long side, while his father’s had been an exceptionally short , dirty-blond crewcut. As she remembered,Teddy was of average height, as opposed toBen, who was at least six feet tall. The mother’s family must have been tall, Shelly reasoned. Shelly continued to reflect that, although Ben was obviously quite different in certain ways from his father, in many other ways, he seemed to remind her of Teddy nevertheless.”

I promise more about the characters and plot in my next post!

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