A Heartfelt Synopsis of “33’s Theo”

I wrote the following synopsis of one of my favorite novels, “33’s Theo,” two years ago on this date. I am reproducing it here because I know you will 😊 enjoy reading it, and it will give you invaluable insight into understanding a little about the plot and theme. Added material can be found in the archives of this website under June 12, 2016.

“I have always loved the wonderful aroma of the salty ocean breeze and the sight of the 🌊 waves billowing with their frothy white foam. Even when those mammoth waves crash upon the shore, unless there is a major storm approaching, I am not afraid. I see the ocean as a magnificent symbol of God’s power and beauty.

“I guess these strong feelings about the ocean influenced my writing “33’s Theo.” I wanted to write a novel with a powerful setting, strong characters and a riveting plot. Yet, I had to include a romantic relationship, too, since love is the common ground of all our lives. It brings us together in the most positive way of all.

“Ben and Shelly, the main characters, meet through a ham radio that Shelly and her friend Susan find in the basement of s home for which they are house-sitting on Cape Cod. (I personally fell in love 😍 with this gorgeous area when I visited Boston, Cambridge and the Cape many years ago.) Shelly remembers that her old college friend, Teddy, (whom she hasn’t seen or heard from since college) had a ham radio, too, and on a whim puts in the code. Voila! Ben, his son, responds, and a friendship/romance is ignited!

Later, when Shelly and Ben visit Harvard, I remember the summer I spent at that unforgettable Mecca of higher learning. When the couple visit Shelly’s room when she spent a summer at Harvard, of course, the room was mine as I remembered it after so many years.

“As Ben and Shelly sail on the Charles River in the kayak that they actually assembled themselves, I remember that summer when George, my friend from the summer at Harvard, and I did the same thing. Like the couple in the novel, we 😊 enjoyed the sun on our faces and that warmth radiating our spirits as we sojourned in that indescribably beautiful setting.

“The characters in the novel had other connections to people in my family and to friends. Yes, the three grandchildren of Ben were modeled after my two 💕 lovely granddaughters and ever-growing grandson.

“Uncle Edward, related to Bem’s adult daughter, Teddy, by marriage, is a memorable character, with his bowler hat and affable disposition. He is the type of person who will always be there for anyone in need, and he does just that for Shelly when she must endure a shocking surprise that leaves her relationship to Ben in great jeopardy.

“Enjoy the characters, the plot, and immerse yourself in this amazingly tantalizing setting as you read “33’s Theo” anywhere, but, most enjoyably, I would say, st the beach.”

Out of print now, but I will try to make it accessible ASAP!

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