There’s a Special Feeling in the Air…

December 10th, 2017

December is a magical month, FIGURATIVELY speaking. It isn’t so much the holidays that people celebrate as it is the spirit that emerges when the heart of humanity is brought out! Why can’t it last beyond New Year’s?

Selfless acts of kindness, extra helpings of compassion and consideration, as well as a joy of giving that transcends the stress of running around and trying to adhere to old traditions in between working and attending to everyday mundane but very necessary activities! What if this feeling extended throughout the year!

Think about it! Throughout the winter, why not continue the wonderful spirit of giving? It doesn’t take money or a credit card! It just requires a 🎁 gift of time and energy!

It is a wonderful idea and a true blessing to run errands for the infirm and elderly, if you can fit it into your own busy schedule. When you help people with kindness and love when they really need it, they never forget it! You have no idea how much I appreciate those who helped me with shopping, cooking dinners, laundry, etc., after the accident I had a little over two months ago!

Friends also need to be encouraged and comforted! We can easily keep the inspiring posts coming! It doesn’t take much effort on our part to project positivity and wholesome, upbuilding thoughts, and it does help others who may be going through a rough patch or a sudden bump in the road of life!

We don’t have to rely upon a birthday or holiday to visit those we love 💕 or share a meal, either in the house 🏡 or at a restaurant! “Breaking bread” is, not only good for the tummy, but even better for the soul and spirit!

And why save only holiday time for donating to charities? Good people doing kind and needed things for others require help throughout the year! Don’t forget them after the New Year!

Many people send cards with beautiful pictures and lovely sentiments during the holidays! Why not send cards through Shutterfly, Vista, or your own creations throughout the year? relatives and friends…especially the older ones, appreciate your kindness and consideration. You don’t need a holiday or a birthday to communicate how much you care and want to share with those special people in your life!

Smiling at strangers, opening doors for others, saying “good morning” or “good afternoon” to those you take public transportation with or work with, may he the highlight of someone’s day, as sad as that may sound. Yes, sometimes, something seemingly simple on our part can brighten the life of someone who is depressed or lonely!

Be creative and extend the beautiful spirit many of us feel in this 😊 lovely month of December throughout the year! The power of Love ❤️ knows no boundaries or time or space. It lives in our hearts forever!

Winter in Autumn!

November 15th, 2017

It’s hard to figure out what happened! Just a few weeks ago, the warm weather and glowing sunshine ☀️ permeated the eastern U.S. We all were getting accustomed to Indian summer and truly enjoying it. In fact, we were taking it all for granted, as though this summer-like weather would never end!

And then the frigid weather erupted! Winter winds and temperatures invaded the peaceful, often gentle breezes and warm temperatures. It was as though winter suddenly kidnaped us and didn’t want to let us go!!!

How long will we be prematurely in the throes of winter? How long before we are brought back to the more temperate autumn weather? Before we exchange the thirties and forties for the fifties and sixties?

I’m one of those optimists who believe that the weather will warm up and seem more like autumn again before the real winter weather begins! It’s just too early now! It is time to enjoy 😊 crisp, energizing weather, not frigid temperatures and snowflakes! Autumn, come back! We love ❤️ you and want you here until December 21st! I miss my Autumn 🍂 in New York!

Another Beautiful Day

November 10th, 2017

It doesn’t depend upon the weather. When you are feeling good 😊 inside, life reflects your feelings, and everything appears to be as lovely as it can be! So ultimately it depends upon you!

My father always told my sister and me that we had a choice in life when it came to our own happiness. He said that there were always at the least two ways that we can react to something. We can let it get us down or we can have a positive attitude. He said that it was up to us. It sounds simplistic at first, but, if you think about it, it makes sense and works for most people, the exceptions being those who have severe anxiety conditions or perhaps clinical depression. So, for the majority of us, it could be mind over matter.

For instance, take my situation as an example. I could be very depressed about the two fractures on my right arm. After all, it is a challenge to use only my left arm, but the more I try, the better able I am to do so many things! It is very difficult for the most part, but it does get easier the more I repeat certain everyday activities. Cooking is challenging and also washing pots, but I soak them in hot, soapy water, and in a few hours, it softens so much it can be washed with just one hand.

Tying my shoelaces is too difficult with one hand. So I either get my husband to help me or I wear loafers or a shoe with Velcro. There’s a solution as long as you have faith and a positive attitude.

I am convinced I will see my dad again in the Paradise that God promised us, and when that day ultimately comes, I will begin by thanking him for his inspirational attitude and encouragement that 😁 so greatly impacted my life. May God bless all of you who read this article with faith, trust, hope and a loving ❤️ attitude that reflects these attributes!

Back Again!

November 2nd, 2017

Hi, my friends!

So nice to be back! I am still resting my right arm in a cast at the wrist and a brace at the humerus(bone from below the shoulder to the elbow). But I decided it was time to get back to my routine, and this website is an important part of that! So here I am! Hello and glad 😁 to be back!

Everyone at the hospital on that traumatic morning on October 2nd was so kind and helpful. I was glad that my husband and son were with me the whole time. I kept praying that everything would be all right… that my arm would heal properly, that I wouldn’t be in pain anymore and that my life would soon be back to normal.

I had to wait a few hours for a variety of tests to be taken. Then the team of trauma orthopedists were busy with another case or cases that were even worse than mine. I had to learn patience and self-control!

Finally, it was my turn! The doctors said they had not seen an injury like mine with two such fractures on one arm. But they wanted to try natural healing before surgery. So they put on a secure, heavy cast that I would wear for two weeks. I was then to return and have another set of casts put on. It was a little painful, but I knew whatever had to be done…had to be accepted with a prayer, if not a smile.

In a couple of weeks, I went back to take more X-rays and have a lighter cast put on at the wrist and a brace right below the shoulder.

I go back in two weeks for more x-rays and hopefully, the removal of the wrist cast. Hopefully, all will look good!

When you have a serious accident, you are first in shock and then extremely happy to be alive. You follow doctor’s orders and try as hard as you can to be cautious and make the right decisions in your everyday life!

Most of all, you are thankful for a second chance at life and want to use your time well! You are also so grateful for the doctors, your spouse, children and grandchildren, as well as other family and friends, who have given so much love, kindness and assistance of all kinds!

After the Fall – Part 11

October 13th, 2017

I must have been in shock when I fell, and I couldn’t get up by myself. I called for my husband, who helped me up, and with his help, I called 911. I told them that my arm was broken. I was doing my best to hold my arm together while I gave them the information that was needed to find my house!

The EMT’s were wonderful! They did the required testing of my vitals while trying to calm me. My husband was allowed to be in
the ambulance with me.

When we arrived at the hospital, a couple of nurses and, I believe, a doctor asked me questions about my condition, while they helped to keep me calm at the same time!

I was then wheeled into the emergency room and assigned a doctor and nurse. The nurse and other staff helped me with bodily needs, after which I was wheeled away to another area, where I was x-rayed in my right arm.

It took a while for the trauma team of excellent orthopedists to put my right arm into a cast because they had even worse cases to deal with. I was discharged a short while later! My husband, my son, and a close friend helped me to my son’s SUV, and soon I was home. What happened next? Part. 2 holds the answer. Next post!

After My Fall

October 8th, 2017

It is hard to accept how our lives can change radically in less than a minute! You can be in fairly good health, independent and relatively happy 😊 one minute and then, all of a sudden, disaster strikes, and your life will never be quite the same again…or so it seems at that moment in time!

I learned that truth through bitter experience. Let me tell you about it in more detail!

It was very early Monday morning on October 2nd at 5:00 when I awoke kind of groggy, but in urgent need of using the restroom. I didn’t give myself time to fully wake up, and I didn’t put on the lights, secure that I knew the way even in the dark. Those were two tragic errors! I thought I was headed right towards the steps, but everything looked odd…probably because I was not fully awake.

But I quickly walked towards the lavatory in the dark, following the route I used for decades without a problem! But this time it was different. I was extra tired from my blood pressure medication and in too much of a hurry. The door to the bathroom was half open. I didn’t turn on any lights! So foolish! I thought I was just walking into my lavatory, but instead, I had shifted towards the right…where the steps are. You can easily imagine what happened next…

Next entry: What happened next?

🍂 Autumn Is Finally Here!

September 29th, 2017

The beauty of autumn is all around us! The air is bright and crisp today! The temperatures are lower as well as the humidity. In fact, the way I see it is all we need for autumnal perfection is the leaves changing color and falling from the trees…and that will be happening soon enough! (Upstate, it is happening already!)

In most schools the children and young adults are adjusted to their daily classes. Teachers 👨‍🏫 are doing their best to be creative, challenging and motivating in their approach (the way I tried to be when I taught at a junior high school-turned middle school on Long Island.). Unfortunately, in some schools, there are already violent assaults, bullying and worse, but, fortunately, they are few.

In the fall, there is thst welcome sense of balance. It is neither too hot nor too cold. The humidity is just about right, and it is the perfect time to take a long walk or explore an apple 🍎 orchard while picking the best fruit. Parties on weekends go indoors if there is a chill in the air.

Pumpkins are plentiful and easily accessible. Pumpkin pies, muffins and cakes tempt the eyes and tummy of children of all ages!

People celebrate various holidays in the autumn months. Parents, teachers 👨‍🏫 and children welcome the time off to spend with their families.

Let’s get up on these autumn mornings and enjoy a hearty 🍳 breakfast as we look forward to school and work on most weekdays and fun (and frolicking) on the holidays and weekends! It’s just not right to do anything but enjoy the 🍂 autumn in the best of physical and emotional health!

On the Brink of 🍂 Autumn!

September 22nd, 2017

I know it seems a bit confusing to welcome autumn with the temperatures in the 80’s and summer still in the air … showing no signs of wanting to leave! On this Sunday and Monday, the temperature may hit almost 90 degrees! But it will still be the start of autumn 🍂 in the late afternoon today…about 4:15 P.M. And, yes, autumn will remain until December 21st!

Why is it hard to say goodbye to summer? If we look deeply into our souls, we can see that, for most of us, summer is synonymous with fun, vacation time, time away from work, adventure, more quality time with our families, flowers 🌺 of all kinds, rich, healthy plants, hobbies, and all kinds of recreation! So it is understandable that it is not easy to let summer go!

But autumn 🍂 is very pleasant, too! Think about it a moment! Your favorite flowers 🌺 and plants usually live through November if the weather remains relatively warm…as it generally does…!

The trees very slowly lose their leaves, which change into intense shades of burgundy, orange, yellow , brown and tan before they caress the ground. Pumpkins of all sizes are available, and who doesn’t enjoy pumpkin pies, cakes, bread, and even pumpkin-flavored specialty drinks at our favorite cafes?

Once autumn is truly underway, the temperatures are more comfortable than in the summertime. We are ready to go 🍎-picking and enjoy walking through the amazing orchards. It is a great time to visit the Botanical Gardens and the local zoos or those, where we can feed and pet the domesticated animals.

There are a variety of activities for children and adults. Most of us look forward to Octoberfest, which various communities celebrate and go all-out to show us a fun time.

For many people, there are various holidays that they celebrate with their ❤️ loved ones! Sitting near the fireplace on chilly nights is comforting, especially with your significant other or spouse right there by your side! As the weather gets cooler, and there is more night than day, there are moments that are very cozy and comforting. Some even long for the snow when it first appears…sometimes as early as December…and covers the ground with a blanket of pure, white beauty.

Yes, it is normal to take some time to, in a sense, mourn the end of summer, but we invariably accept the fact that change is often good. The transition of the seasons brings us fresh experiences, new friends and unexpected opportunities!

So embrace the autumn! Welcome her arrival and enjoy her with every new experience each and every day!

Hurricanes! Hurricanes…and More Hurricanes! Why…Oh, Why!

September 21st, 2017

Yes, this is the middle of hurricane season! It lasts until the end of November, unfortunately! Still, I can’t help hoping that Hurricane Maria is the last for 2017!

As long as I can remember, hurricanes have been a part of my life! After all, my grandparents and Uncle owned a summer rooming house in Rockaway Beach, New York on 66th Street, a block away from the beach. At the end of summer, right around Labor Day, the threat of hurricane activity would be in the air!

But hurricanes in the 1950’s, as I remember, were not nearly as violent and destructive as they are today. I don’t remember any hurricanes as powerful and downright cruel as Harvey, Irma and Maria. I have no memories at all of roofs caving in, houses obliterated, much less the loss of hundreds of lives. But I was young then, making it possible that I had a selective memory, a condition of which most children are guilty. Yet, I still feel strongly that hurricanes then were nothing like hurricanes now!

But I do remember one summer’s day before a hurricane was predicted. Dad, who loved the water almost as much as the fish do, decided to take my sister and me with him for an early morning swim. The waves were not turbulent. In fact, the water seemed calm…and the hurricane wasn’t predicted until the next day.

So I ran towards the water with my sister and dad right beside me! I did my usual attempt to ride the waves and, at first everything went extremely well. I floated and swam. But I didn’t know much about the existence of rip tides at that stage of my life…not until I landed in one that morning.

The depth of the ocean floor seemed to go from a level at which I could even stand to several feet taller than I. I wasn’t a strong enough swimmer to know what to do! I panicked and prayed until, Thank God, I managed to move towards shore. I still attribute my salvation to divine intervention, although many would disagree with that conclusion, I am certain!

But hurricanes today are destructive forces to be viewed with a healthy fear! We pray for all those seriously impacted with any of these hurricanes and pray for their continued faith, inner strength and positivity in order to deal with all the challenges now and ahead. After all, five years later, many victims of Hurricane Sandy are still suffering from the effects of that hurricane!

Since I was a child, the number of hurricanes I have seen or heard about have exhausted the 26 letters of the alphabet many times over. But they do seem to be getting worse and worse! Does that imply that the end of this challenging system of things is near, along with the beginning of God’s Kingdom! The Bible supports this theory, and it certainly has convinced me! What about you? Time will tell, as it always does, but for now, let’s hope that the hurricane season of 2017 ends early!

Autumn is Coming!

September 12th, 2017

First, I would like to say that I have been shocked at the severity of first, Hurricane Harvey, and then its even more horrific sister storm, Hurricane Irma! So much flooding, devastation in the Islands, Cuba, and Florida! It is unimaginable that two hurricanes could cause so much destruction!

Our prayers are with all those who are dealing with the aftermath of this brutal, horrific weather and also with the families of those who have died as a result of these monster hurricanes!

Hurricane season lasts through November, unfortunately! Let us pray that there are no more monstrous storms like Harvey and Irma! People have suffered enough this season by the merciless hands of the dark side of nature!

Let’s move onto a subject that is much lighter but is still connected with weather! Autumn is coming!

In ten days it will be officially autumn! I know it is hard to say farewell to summer in just over a week, but Autumn is such a rich, vibrant season, and for many of us, the slightly cooler temperatures will mean more lively walks, lots of 🍎 apple picking, finally sitting outside comfortably and enjoying the rich, beautiful colors and even the flowers that bloom just at this time (Montauk daisies,among them)!

Moving forward and enjoying it! Come along and enjoy it, too!