“Escape From the Maelstrom”

March 15th, 2018

Who is escaping? Where and why? These are the crucial questions pertaining to the plot of “Escape From the Maelstrom,” a novel that I wrote a few years ago and self-published.

My paternal grandmother escaped from her home in Odessa, Russia, during Czarist rule back in the 1890’s. I don’t know the details of her journey except that she traveled by boat with a friend of the family under challenging conditions. The rest of her family could not leave!

She and her companion risked their lives for a life of freedom in the United States. Thank God, they both arrived in good health. I don’t know what happened to her companion, but my grandmother 👵 met a young, religious tailor, Ben, who soon became her husband. They raised three children, two of whom had children, too. I am one of those six grandchildren, the younger daughter of Philip Miller, the middle child of Grandma Anna and Grandpa Benjamin!

But my novel, “Escape From the Maelstrom,” isn’t exactly Grandma’s story! I just gave my protagonist, Karina, aka Alexandra, the wonderful qualities of Grandma Anna.

What is Karina’s background, and why does she wind up on the run from Moscow to Odessa to America? Let us hear some of her story.

Karia’s story isn’t my story either! Fortunately, my sister, Stephie, and I had two parents who remained married their whole lives. They provided for us in the best way they could and helped us achieve our secular goals of being teachers 👩‍🏫 and they were there to contribute towards our weddings 👰 in more than just a financial way. But Karina was not as fortunate as Stephie and I were!

Her parents having died when she was young, Karina was forced to reside with her only living relative, a great-Aunt who was elderly, set in her ways and extremely unpleasant.

Karina became more of a maid and cook than a great-niece who needed 💗 love, education and training in life. Depressed and drained from her unhappy life, Karina ran away and got a job helping with the cleaning of a small rooming house. The owner of the establishment was kind and maternal. She encouraged and supported Karina’s desire to get an education.

So Karina went to school at night and cleaned during the day. She saved as much money as she could and eventually was able to quit her cleaning jobs and go to school full time.

Once Karina was a little older and even taking university courses, she attended the world history class of Dimitri Globenko, probably the most popular professor at the university. Karina was fascinated by his intelligence and rugged good looks, but sparks ⚡️ began to fly in both directions. They started dating soon after and married some time later!

There were no children, however. Karina discovered soon after the marriage that Dimitri was a distant relative of the Romanov family. They had lost track of Dimitri until his marriage was in the public records. From then on it was a matter of keeping a low profile or dying at the hands of this formidable and corrupt regime.

After a marriage of ten years, DImitri’s enemies caught up with him, and he was killed! Karina was next, but she managed to escape from the Romanov’s bodyguards and, with the help of her friends, fled from Moscow to Odessa.

The main focus of the novel is her life on the run… the place where she stays and the people whom she meets, including an older man who becomes the new focus of her life!

Will Karina escape to America! Will she find love again? Is motherhood possible for her one day?

The answers will be provided when you read my novel, “Escape From the Maelstrom,” available at the Red Lead Bookstore on line at www.redleadbooks.com or on Amazon at www.amazon.com or call Red Lead Books at 1-800-788-7654.

A Last Post …for now… on Excerpts From “Just A Kiss”

March 12th, 2018

There are so many memorable excerpts from “Just A Kiss” that it is impossible to include them all on my Blogs! I hope that the ones that I have included will inspire you in many ways and hopefully convince you that this novel is well worth reading. So before moving on to discuss another of my novels, I will add a few more pivotal excerpts and sum things up!

I mentioned how serious a problem Bruce and his dad had in openly communicating with one another, but I never mentioned the difficulty that Carolyn and her dad had in understanding one another. Carolyn has always been afraid to reveal what was truly in her heart, but there came a time when she had to speak up because it affected the rest of her life.

Carolyn’s father wanted her to teach in a school on Long Idland, and he was eager for her to find the perfect husband… one whom he considered perfect, and certainly not Bruce Donovan! Finally, Carolyn asserts herself and tells both her parents what she wants to do with the rest of her life!

“I have given it a lot of thought,” Carolyn continued, “and I don’t want to teach at a school on Long Island.”

Do you want to continue working at Donovan Advertising?” Mr. Kahn asked.

“No, I know my position there is enviable, but I do want to teach. That’s what I’m trained for best.”

“So what is the problem, dear?” Mrs. Kahn asked.

“You know how happy I was when we lived upstate?”

“Yes, but we thought you liked New York City as well.”

“Honestly, I don’t,”Carolyn said. “It’s too crowded and noisy. The ambience contributes to my phobias and general discomfort. I was much happier upstate, and that’s where I want to live my adult life. I want to teach there, continue graduate studies there and one day marry and settle down there as well. That’s What I really want,” she said.

After a few moments, Mrs. Kahn said in a determined voice, “Then you must follow your heart, Carolyn. Your happiness is more important to me than anyone else.”

“And you, Dad?”

“You know I want you to be happy,Carolyn, but sometimes, I’m not sure if you’re mature enough to know what the right choice for you really is. I love you, honey, and if you make the wrong decision, it could ruin the rest of your life.”

“If you love and respect me, you have to believe that I’m in the best position now to know what is best for me. And also who is best for me to marry one day.”

“Are you still seeing that Donovan fellow?” Mr. Kahn asked gravely.

“I am,” Carolyn said bravely.

“I think you could do much better,” her father said with intensity, “but if you love him and he makes you happy, Carolyn, I won’t stand in your way.”

“One day when he comes to you and asks for your blessing, will you give it to him?”

“If that’s what you want, Carolyn, I will.”

We see that Carolyn’s courage to express her true feelings to her parents has changed her life. She has shown her parents that she is mature enough to make important decisions pertaining to her own life, and that she is therefore entitled to respect!

“Just A Kiss” is a novel that I highly recommend for young adults and older ones…for every age level. Its many significant themes and compelling plot contribute to its being a page-turner that will leave you satisfied and inspired!

Read a sample chapter in Amazon’s “Read Inside the Book” or, to order the novel, call Xlibris at 1-888-795-4274 or go online at www.Xlibris.com and www.amazon.com

Yes, “Just A Kiss”
is a novel well worth reading!

Honest Communication At Last!

March 9th, 2018

For all of his life so far, Bruce Donovan in my novel, “Just A Kiss,” has never had a heart-to-heart talk with his dad. In fact, he couldn’t even imagine speaking to his father honestly! There always seemed to be something in the way! They could never seem to connect!

But Bruce was determined to make changes in his life so that his plans to build a life with Carolyn could move forward. Therefore, after his six-week back-packing excursion through Europe with Kevin, Bruce decided to meet his father at his office and tell him what his future plans are. He called his dad first.

“‘Bruce,’ I’m so glad you’re home,’ Kent Donovan began. ‘I was really beginning to miss you.’ He paused a minute and said, ‘Thanks for all the postcards and those telephone calls from all over Europe. That must have been quite a trip. I wish I could have dropped everything and gone along with you and Kevin, but then again, an older man like me would probably have slowed you down.’”

“‘Not you, Dad. Kev and I probably wouldn’t have been able to keep up with you. You’re like a human dynamo, if you don’t mind my saying that,’ Bruce said.

“‘ I take that as a compliment, son,’ he said. ‘I’ve been told so many times that I have incredible stamina.’”

“ ‘You certainly do,’ Bruce agreed. ‘Dad,’ he said after a pause, ‘I need to talk to you about something.’”

“‘Shoot,’ said Kent.”

“‘No, Dad, not on the phone. What I have to say requires us to speak face to face. You’ll understand once we start talking. Do you have any free time this afternoon?’”

“‘I always have time for you, Bruce. How about we meet at Sardi’s for lunch?’”

An hour later, Bruce entered Sardi’s, but he immediately said a silent prayer to give him strength and peace!

“Please, dear God, give me the strength to speak honestly to my father and have him understand why I must live my life in the way that I see fit, in the way that I was meant to live it. Please keep me strong.”

By the time he was seated with his dad at a small table in s secluded area towards the back of the restaurant, he felt his old self again: confident and on the surface in control, just like his dad.

“‘It’s really good to see you, Bruce,’ Kent Donovan said. ‘You look well, Son. I like that suit and tie. You’re quite the elegant young man.’

“‘Like father, like son,’ Bruce said in his most charming way.’”

Then, Bruce tells his father why he needed to talk to him.

“‘Dad, it’s about my future. I always thought that one day you’d need me to carry on for you at Donovan Advertising. I’ve been reluctant to set myself up in any permanent career for fear that, if, at any time, you may need me to assist you or…’”

“‘Or to take over for me if I die prematurely or something,’ Kent interrupted.”

Kent goes on to explain to his son how he has just had his yearly physical, and he is in perfect health. This information gives Bruce the courage to tell his father what he really wants to do with his life.

“‘I feel so relieved, Dad. You know, I’ve been hiding it from you, but in addition to taking my law courses, which I find unfulfilling, to say the least, in whatever spare time I’ve had, I have been coaching football, basketball and baseball all year at one of the high schools in Ithaca. The principal there offered me a position as a physical education and health teacher as well as a full-time coach. I would just have to take courses towards a graduate degree in education and health. I have wanted so much to accept the position, but I was reluctant to…’”

“‘Because of me, I suppose, Kent interrupted. ‘Son, take the job. I love you, but again,I do not need you! I’ve gotten all bases covered, as I have said. You’re free to live your own life. I just have one suggestion for you, if you’ll listen.’

“‘Of course, Dad. What is it?’

“‘Recently, I have had an enlightening conversation with a rather dazzling young blonde who seems to be obsessed with your happiness. She already told me how the principal and the students love you at that high school. Your taking that position is sonimportant to her because she said she knows it will bring you the fulfillment and the happiness you need, Bruce. You must never let this girl get away, Bruce. This is my advice. Take the job and propose to the girl. Then, I finally won’t have to worry about you anymore.’”

This was definitely the most honest conversation that Bruce and his father ever had! What can this lead to? You will find your answers when you read the novel!

The novel is available at www.Xlibris.com and www.amazon.com and by phone at 1-888-795-4274.

Can Paris Cure the Woes of Love?

March 4th, 2018

After having broken up for a short while, Carolyn and Bruce went on separate vacations. Carolyn and her roommate, Gina, had just graduated from Cortland State. The trip to Paris was their reward to themselves for getting through the many challenges of a college education.

Similarly, Bruce and his cousin, Kevin, had planned for quite a while to backpack through Europe. It was something they had dreamt of doing together for years, and now it was becoming an exciting reality!

So, after graduation, Carolyn and Gina finally embarked on this “reward” trip they had planned since their freshman year. It was to be a few weeks in Paris, but to both young women the trip of a lifetime!!! Likewise, at the same time, Bruce and Kevin let go of all their cares and began their backpacking journey through Europe.

However, when Carolyn and Gina met Bruce and Kevin in Paris, Carolyn had an idea that it might have been planned, and indeed it was by the lovebirds, Gina and Kevin, who wanted to get Carolyn and Bruce back together.

But did the reunion backfire? Let’s see for ourselves in this excerpt from my novel, “Just A Kiss,” Page 167.

“ ‘There,’ he said, you can see the Seine in the distance. We’re going to drive close by and sit on a bench overlooking the most exquisite river in all of France.’

The dialogue continues a few paragraphs later.

“The ride took less than ten minutes. When Bruce finally parked, Carolyn allowed him to take her hand as they walked along the grassy area overlooking the river.

“‘With a view like this, you can’t stay angry at me. Look! Manet or Monet must have painted their masterpieces overlooking this same river. Maybe even Toulouse La Treque.’

“‘No, silly! He painted only beautiful dancing girls.’

“ ‘I guess I must have slept during art history class,’ Bruce explained.

“‘Apparently,’said Carolyn.

“‘Look, Carrie, you know you love me and we were meant to be together.’

“ ‘Maybe I thought that once, but it seems like a very long time ago.’

“ ‘Carrie, I’m going to talk to my dad. I’ll let him know that I have a life of my own, and I want to claim it. If he doesn’t approve of my being a teacher, that will be his problem, but I’ll extend to his majesty the courtesy of telling him, at least. And if he expects me to be at his beck and call with his advertising firm, he is in for a rude awakening. I am not a chip off the old Donovan block. I am myself, and I want nothing to do with the advertising field. I’ll tell my dad that, Carolyn, and that decision had nothing to do with him and everything to do with me!’

“‘Now tell it tobyour father, Bruce, not to me!’

“‘I will!’ Said Bruce, drawing closer to her and then leaning in for a long, passionate kiss. Carolyn didn’t want to, but she melted into his strong, athletic arms, gently enfolding her and making her feel excited and yet oh so safe at the same time.”

Will Bruce be as strong as his words? Will he be able to stand up to his father and convince him that teaching and coaching are more fitted to his natural abilities than being an advertising executive? Will Carolyn and Bruce find their way to a happy and fulfilling relationship where they both can mature emotionally and navigate their way to the future together that they have dreamt of as long as they have known one another!

The answers are there in my novel, “Just A Kiss,” available by phone at 1-888-795-4274 at Xlibris or online at www.Xlibris.com. Or www.amazon.com. You can also read a few chapters free at Amazon’s feature, “Inside the Book.” 😉 Enjoy!

Father and Daughter Conflicts in “Just A Kiss”

March 2nd, 2018

Can we blame Phil Kahn for his fury over his daughter, Carolyn’s relationship with Bruce Donovan, the very same individual whom Phil had encouraged Carolyn to sue for sexual harassment not more than a few months ago. We have to agree that it must have been quite a shock!

But, on the other hand, can we blame Carolyn and Bruce for being attracted to each other? Were they responsible for running into one another upstate while they were in neighboring colleges or while vacationing abroad! Did life situations bring them together in an unplanned, totally innocent manner? And, apart from all this, does Mr. Kahn have the right to dictate what his twenty year-old daughter wants to do with her life?

Let us take a look at an excerpt from “Just A Kiss” and see whom we actually agree with. Bruce has driven Carolyn back to Manhattan after she has been told that her mom is preparing for heart surgery. Carolyn has never told her father that she is dating Bruce, so when Phil sees Bruce with his daughter outside the hospital, he is shocked, angry and totally overwhelmed! Here is a most important excerpt from the novel on page l44.

“When they got back to the hospital, he kissed her again and was about to say goodbye when all of a sudden, Mr. Kahn came racing down the hospital steps, glaring at Bruce.

“‘What are you doing here?’ he asked so loudly that people around them began to stare.

“‘We went out for some coffee, Dad, that’s all,’ Carolyn said, getting more and more nervous every second.

“ ‘I don’t care where you went. I’m wondering what you two are doing together. You almost filed a sexual harassment suit against him, Carolyn,and now you’re dating him. I’m mystified! Where in tarnation did you meet him again?’ he asked, addressing all his questions to his daughter as though Bruce Donovan were some kind of apparition or not even there at all. ‘I thought he was fired and out of state. Honestly, I don’t understand,’ he said,still speaking so loudly that people were staring.

“‘We ran into each other upstate at Cornell when I was visiting there with Gina, my roommate. We became casual friends,’ she said, stretching the truth. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Bruce twitch when she used the word ‘casual’.

“ ‘He’s no friend, casual or otherwise, ‘ Phil Kahn continued, ‘and if I ever see him anywhere near you again, Carolyn, I will see that you get a restraining order against him! Do you hear me?’”

So what is your opinion? Are you on Carolyn’s side or her dad’s? Is Phil being unreasonable or has Carolyn been wrong in keeping her relationship with Bruce from her father?

To purchase the novel, call Xlibris at 1-888-795-4274

or go online at www.Xlibris.com or
at www.amazon.com

You can read a few free chapters at Anazon’s Feature, “Go inside the book.”

Love 💕 Between Friends

February 27th, 2018

One important theme in “Just A Kiss” is the value of true friendship. It is obvious that, in my novel, “Just A Kiss,” Gina is looking out for Carolyn with a sense of sisterly concern, protection and love. She may overstep her bounds sometimes, but all is forgiven if 💗 love is the reason behind it all since the Bible itself says that “love compensates for a multitude of sins.” ( 1 Peter 4:8 )

Here is an excerpt from “Just A Kiss,” where Carolyn and Gina have a strong difference of opinion when it comes to Carolyn’s growing romantic feelings towards Bruce Donovan, the young executive who had kissed her while she was typing letters for him at his father’s well-known advertising firm.

With whom do you agree: Carolyn or Gina? Or are they both right in a way?

“On the way home on Sunday morning, Carolyn was not her loquacious self. In fact, she tried to say as little as possible, knowing that, whatever she would say would lead to an uncomfortable 😣 discussion. Finally, Gina broke the silence.

“ ‘So what are you going to do now, Carolyn?’

“ ‘What do you mean? Nothing has changed, Gina.’

“ ‘How can you say that when you know there’s not a word of truth in it? Everything has changed, although I can’t figure out why. He’s the last person in the world I’d choose for you, Carolyn.’

“‘And now who’s being ridiculous? You never even met him.’

“‘I don’t have to. A decent guy doesn’t sneak up on his secretary and kiss her. That’s sick, and there’s no two ways about it. ’

“ ‘Once you get to know someone, you realize that there are extenuating circumstances.’

“ ‘Not as far as I’m concerned. I would think of a guy like that as perverted.’

“ ‘Gina, you’re not being fair. You have convicted Bruce without benefit of a judge or jury.’

“ ‘All I know is you can do much better. Don’tbwaste your time on a rich loser.’

“ ‘There’s no point in continuing this conversation, Gina. I would like to know, however, why you and Marla were back so early. Your dates weren’t all you expected them to be?’

“‘That may be a huge understatement, but at least they were gentlemen. They didn’t attempt to kiss us under false pretenses.’ Gina paused for a few seconds and added, ‘Actually, they didn’t try to kiss us at all,and that’s for the best because we wouldn’t have let them anyway.’

“ ‘I’m sorry that you and Marla didn’t have a good time.’

“ ‘Well, at least I’m not fantasizing about something that wasn’t there. It was what it was …a terrible date and a waste of time…but I’m not going to imagine it into something that it wasn’t. I’m going to go back to our apartment and forget about the date and the guy. And that, my dear, is exactly what you should do. If you didn’t forget about Bruce after your first unpleasant encounter with him, at least forget about him now. He will amount to nothing, and neither will your relationship with him if you are foolish enough to allow one to develop.’”

Is Gina being too cynical and unreasonable, or is Carolyn being naive and totally unrealistic? What do you 🤔 think?? More on this the next time!

The Sexual Harassment Theme in “Just A Kiss”.

February 23rd, 2018

Many themes are included in my novel, “Just A Kiss.” Although the theme of sexual harassment in the workplace pervades the opening chapters, it isn’t the primary theme of the novel…but it is very important. Today I am going to focus on why it is pivotal to the novel, despite its not being what I as the author would consider the main theme.

I mentioned various times on this website that I got the idea for creating “Just A Kiss” from something that actually happened to me when I was a young woman.

At the age of twenty I was eager to work during the summer to earn some extra money for my senior year at college. I worked at a temp agency that sent me to various firms in the Manhattan area, where I found work as a secretary. Most of these jobs were fine. I met some lovely people, and I adjusted to the work routine very well. But one job was memorable for negative reasons, and the experience is one that I have never been able to forget!

I was sent to a lithography office on Madison Avenue, where I was given dictation by the head of that company himself, a middle-aged man of average appearance. While I was typing the transcribed letters, I felt someone moving close to me, and when I looked up, he actually kissed me. I was shocked as I realized that my boss had had the nerve to sneak up on me and kiss me.

I took my bag from the drawer it was in and was ready to run out the door when I was stopped by the man who had just kissed me… the president of that lithography company. He persuaded me to finish the letters and leave them on his desk and added that he would leave the office and not return until the next morning.

I remembered how frightened I was that he would return, but he didn’t. In fact, I never saw him again!

When I related the incident to my parents, they told me to try to forget it and never work at that firm again. There was no talk of sexual harassment or suing the lithography company. But how does a woman forget an experience like that? Yes, it could have been much worse, but it was nevertheless traumatic for me!

So years later, I decided to incorporate this incident in a romance novel, of all genres! Everything was changed, though. The protagonist’s father in my novel, Phil Kahn, insisted on a meeting with Kent Donovan, the CEO of Donovan Advertising, to discuss his intention of suing his company for Kent’s son, Bruce, sexually harassing his daughter, Carolyn, by kissing her without her consent. But there is a little unexpected problem brewing! As much as Carolyn was frightened and angered by the Kiss, she could not help being attracted to Bruce, and strangely enough, it was mutual!

Where would this mutual attraction lead? The rest of the novel answers this question with a number of dramatic and often funny twists and turns.

Although there are many other themes in “Just A Kiss,” it is obvious that this initial theme of sexual harassment is pivotal to the development of the novel.

Do you want to learn more? The novel can be purchased online at www.Xlibris.com or
www.amazon.com. Or you can call Xlibris at 1-888-795-4274.


February 21st, 2018

The relationship between Bruce Donovan and his father, Kent, aka CEO of the most famous advertising agency in New York, cannot be described as anything but dysfunctional. It has destroyed Bruce’s self-esteem and in a sense paralyzed him when it came to his choosing the right profession for him and finding inner peace.

This excerpt on page 84 from “Just A Kiss” is part of a discussion between Carolyn and Bruce where he expresses the core of his dysfunctional relationship with Kent.

“Bruce frowned for the first time during their time together. ‘I don’t feel comfortable talking about my father, Carolyn. It isn’t your fault, though. You have a right to ask me anything, but there are certain things I have trouble discussing, and one of those topics is the relationship between my father and me. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m really his son, but even though we’re as different as night and day, I know in my heart there is no question about my genealogy. I’m not adopted, although often, I have wished that I were.’

“Carolyn nodded in encouragement as she waited for him to continue.

“ ‘I know I must have taken after my mother.’

“ ‘You don’t talk about her much,’ Carolyn said. ‘Why is that?’

“Bruce looked away. ‘I never got to know her, Carolyn. She died in childbirth. I think my father has always blamed me for losing her. I know he loved her very much.’

“ ‘I don’t think he could possibly feel that way, Bruce. I’m sure he loves you. He just has his own way of showing it.’

“Bruce laughed. ‘And if he does, it sure is a strange way.‘. He continued after a few seconds. ‘He never approved of anything I’ve ever done, Carolyn. At this point I think he’s just waiting for me to fail again so that he can confirm that I’m some worthless thing that caused him to lose the person he loved most in the world.’

“Carolyn knew that there was nothing she could say at this point to convince him otherwise,so she moved closer to him and put her arms around him. As he turned towards her and stared into his tear-filled eyes, she leaned in towards him and he kissed her tenderly. When he moved away, she held him in her arms as a mother would a baby, cradling him and loving him with her eyes, her tears and then her lips, as she pressed hers lovingly against his. He held her in his arms for a moment that never seemed to end.”

More About “Just A Kiss”!

February 19th, 2018

When Carolyn meets Bruce at the student union, sparks ⚡️ fly! It seems that the 😘 Kiss may have been sexual harassment at the beginning, but it led to some real feelings that both have experienced. Listen in to the conversation between Bruce and Carolyn.

“ ‘It’s time to get you back to the dorm, before you lose your glass slipper and your coach turns into a pumpkin.’

“Carolyn tried to laugh, but somehow, she couldn’t.

“ ‘I’ll call you, honey,’ he said. ‘You know, I said to myself it was just a Kiss, but I knew that it wasn’t. I knew there was something special between us, and I want to get to know you and see where that leads us.’ He paused s moment and said, ‘I know I sound corny or like I’m handing you some kind of flowery line, but I mean it, Carolyn.’

“ ‘I know you do, Bruce,’she said. ‘We’ll take things slowly. That way we’ll get to know each other really well because we’ll be starting off by being good friends. We’re only an hour or so away from each other,’ she said, staring meaningfully into his deep brown eyes. ‘There will be plenty of time for us to do things together, as we did today. You know,, this was honestly the best day of my life, Bruce, and I can thank only God and you for that.’

“ ‘In the right order,’ Bruce said, attempting a lsmile.

“ ‘Good night,’ Carolyn said softly. The

“ ‘I’ll call you tomorrow night, sweetie. Please don’t Hme for breaking my word again, but I have to kiss you goodnight.’

“ ‘You’ll get no argument from me,’ Carolyn said as she leaned in for the loveliest kiss she had ever experienced. But in her heart she knew it was not really a goodbye kiss. Every aspect of it said hello.’”

So what happens next? Is this the start of a romance between the two unlikely of people? Grab a copy of “Just A Kiss” and enjoy the novel!

Available at www.Xlibris.com or call Xlibris at 1-888-795-4274. Or purchase your copy at www.amazon.com. Read “Inside the Book” at Amazon to read the first few chapters free to see if it is the right fit for you!

Why Did Bruce Kiss Carolyn?

February 18th, 2018

It is an interesting question! Let’s tune in to Bruce’s thoughts on the subject when he is outside the student union talking to, of all people, Carolyn Kahn! Bruce and Carolyn have met a few minutes ago inside the student union at Cornell. It is the first time they have seen each other since the incident at Donovan Advertising the summer before. They have decided to hang out together for a while.

“‘It’s impulsiveness. Have you ever shown signs of it before?’

“ ‘Well, I never kissed any of my secretaries before,’ he replied, smiling at her. ‘But I guess I’ve made a lot of impulsive decisions in my time, which I lived to regret. Like working for my father, for instance. ‘By the way,’ he added, ‘Dad told me I could have my old position back whenever I wanted it. He just wanted me to disappear for a while.’

“Until everything cooled off with your father and there was no danger of his pursuing a lawsuit again?’

“ ‘Yes, until the coast was clear . But I don’t want the job,Carolyn. Everybody thought I got the position through nepotism, and, you know, whoever thought that way was probably right. I guess I was looking for a way out of Donovan Advertising so for once I could be truly on my own and make my own decisions.’

“ ‘So your act of indiscretion was also your way out,Bruce?’

“ ‘You might say so, but I didn’t kiss you because of that. It was not a planned act of sabotage toward my father. I really did feel like kissing you. You seemed so demure, efficient and beautiful,’ he added.”

So that is why I had Bruce Kiss Carolyn in the novel!

Read the first few chapters in “Inside the Book” on Amazon!

The book is available on www.Xlibris.com and www.amazon.com. Call 1-888-795-4274.